Lexus LF-A
Lexus LF-A | $ 375,000
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Lexus LF-A

Lexus LF-A

Lexus LFA is a concept car from the Auto giant Lexus. The 2-seat sports coupe follows the IS F and is the second model in the coveted F marque series of Lexus performance cars. Three concept versions of the car carrying the LF-A title as a prime part of the LF chain line have been unveiled at the esteemed North American International Auto Show. The racing prototype’s first version premiered in 2005, followed by a second LF-A featuring a more fully furnished and glorious interior and exterior in 2007. The third edition of the car was a roadster model, which premiered in 2008. The production Lexus LFA comes with a new V10 engine and a body composed of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP).


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LFA interior featured carbon fiber, Alcantara, leather, and metallic surfaces. It includes two bucket seats, and an exclusive Lexus ‘Remote Touch controller’ interface. The interior design incorporated more of the bespoke materials and colors. The instrument display included a TFT speedometer featuring color-changing background, side-appearing submenus and size-changing numbers. The TFT display represented larger numbers in normal form and small digits in automatic form, stark numbers, inverted colors, and moved redline in sport mode, along with a redline warning color change. The LFA further also features a modernized seat-belt airbag design for driver and passenger. The steering wheel was a three spoke one and was nicely aligned


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The Lexus LFA body frame is crafted from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) center Monocoque which is in-house designed and developed with aluminum material front and rear sub frames. The sub frames, are connected to the Monocoque by employing a recently developed aluminum flanged collar which is mainly designed to generate a stronger joint. According to the producer, the superiority of the employed CRFP material tones that of the aeronautical grades, and is skillfully woven by a laser controlled circular loom, which is one of the only two present in the world. The car’s front fascia was slightly in a V shape as viewed from the front. The front lights were also nicely positioned and looked sharp and elegant. The back side had a big size spoiler.

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