Lexus LS430
Lexus LS430 | $ 175,000
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Lexus LS430

Lexus LS430

Lexus LS430 is a premium grade sedan from the house of Lexus, the luxury car manufacturing division of Toyota and LS430 is a frontline model of the company. Lexus lineup started back in 1989 and still rolling out from their factory. LS430 is the third generation of the Lexus lineup and it was first unveiled at the North American International Auto Show. LS430 came up with substantial interior and exterior design variations over its predecessor model. Apart from that the technical features were also upgraded in numerous ways. The sale of this model began in US, from October 2000.


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The interior of the car is stuffed with numerous luxury features. The seats are draped in fine leather upholstery and are designed to comfortably accommodate five passengers. The perfectly curved wooden trim adds to the interior beauty of the car. The interior is fitted with an intelligent climate control system, which monitors the temperature inside the car at various points with an infrared sensor and ensures perfect temperature condition for all its occupants. The dashboard holds the TFT color display and electroluminescent gauges system. Moreover it comes with Bluetooth technology and a high performance, Mark Levinson audio system.


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The most evident exterior feature of the LS430 model is that it has an extended dimension in terms of wheelbase and height. In the front of the car a large grille is fitted and the edges are rounded. Quarter windows in the rear doors and trapezoidal shaped headlamps are some distinctive features of the car. A lot of work was done by the designers of the company to refine the exterior of the car, to make it aerodynamically more efficient, compared to the previous LS models. The wheelbase of the car is 115.2 inches. The length and width are 196.7 and 72 inches respectively. To satisfy the diverse taste of the customers, they have 8 different exterior colors to offer. The overall exterior of this premium sedan is about sublime masculinity.

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