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Net Worth $ 75 Million
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Born on: 7th Jun 52 Born in: Ireland Marital status: Single Occupation: Actor
Liam Neeson net worth is estimated at $175 million. Liam Neeson is an Irish actor who has won nominations for the Oscar, The Golden Globe and the BAFTA. He is well known for his role as Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List, Peyton Westlake in Darkman, Qui-Gon Jinn inStar Wars, Bryan Mills in Taken and the voice of the lion Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia. While those are his high points, he has acted in several other noteworthy movies too. In fact, in 1997 when Empire Magazine compiled a list of the 100 greatest movie stars of all time, he was in the 69th position in that list. Without a doubt, most of Liam Neeson net worth today is from the various roles which he has played in a host of movies. However, Neeson also has a very 'wanted' kind of voice. Apart from lending voices to many animated characters, he has also provided his voice for many documentaries. His voice-adventures do not stop with movies. fallout 3, a popular videogame saw his voice being featured for the father of the main character. At an age when most actors would consider complete retirement, Liam Neeson has found a second life with roles in super-hit movies like Chloe, Taken, Clash of the Titans and Unknown which expanded Liam Neeson net worth. The great actor who quit smoking to be a role model for his children, is a role model in his spending too. He is associated with and has contributed for a dozen charities. Make Poverty History, Clothes Off Our Back, Bicycle for a day and ONE Campaign are some of the charities that he actively supports. He also contributes for the children of the world via UNICEF. These endeavor added charisma to Liam Neeson net worth. He has a wonderful tastes with a penchant for history. His home was built in 1890 and it spans 6,100 sq feet. Though it's purchase price is unknown, one is sure that a few million dollars would have gone into it. He also actively supports the cause of the environment, education and creative arts, He strives for human rights and peace. His living cannot be considered as lavish in daily life despite the huge Liam Neeson net worth. But his taste is definitely classy! It has been a long and interesting journey through life for Liam Neeson. He worked as a forklift operator, a truck driver, an architect and an amateur boxer before he decided to pursue a career in teaching. In course of teaching, he got interested in acting and debuted in the play, "The Risen People." Developing this interest, as he acted in the Abbey Theater at Dublin, he was spotted and cast into the role of Sir Gawain in the movie, 'Excalibur' by John Boorman. There was no looking back after that as Neeson made appearances in several movies and UK television shows. Liam Neeson net worth began to accumulate when  in 1990, 9 years after his debut he got his first lead role in Darkman. He was Schindler in Schindler's List and he bagged the BAFTA, the Academy award and Golden Globe nominations. Many successful roles in superhit movies followed and Neeson seems to have found a sort of a second career after his 2008 movie, Taken became a runaway hit. He was married to Natasha Richardson in 1994 till her death in 2009. He has two sons, Michael and Daniel.  
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Liam Neeson Estates and Homes (1)

Millbrook home

Millbrook home

It was a few weeks prior to his wedding (on July 3rd, 1994) with Natasha Richardson that Liam Neeson bought this home. He had no idea then that it would in this very home that his wife would breathe her last, succumbing to head injuries sustained during a skiing accident. The home is currently valued at $3.71 million. The country home in colonial style was built in 1810.

Location: Actor Liam Neeson's estate home is located just outside Millbrook in Duchess County, New York.

Accommodation: The home is surrounded by a large estate with the actor acquiring another 16 acres next to the already existing 37 acres. The house has 5 large bedrooms with attached bathrooms as well.

Features: Apart from the ample empty and green spaces which the estate has in its 37 acres, the house is also loaded with features. The living area is listed as 6,116 square feet. There is a wonderful drive and lawns on the estate. Other star features include a swimming pool, a large courtyard and an international tennis court.

Neighborhood: Millbrook is a kind of 'celebrity mecca' if one can call it so. The beautiful neighborhood has been home to stars like Katie Couric, Paulina Porizkova, Mary Tyler Moore Rufus Wainwright and Sigourney Weaver.

Liam Neeson Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (1)

St. Tropez Vacation

Liam Neeson on vacations in St. Tropez

Liam Neeson is a regular at St. Tropez. The veteran actor has been spotted here on quite a number of occasions with different company. He was seen strolling long with Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson on one occasion while on the other, he was seen with Freya St. Johnston and her son. There is something magical about St.Tropez with its lingering romance and youthful exuberance.

Location: St. Tropez is located in the commune of the Var department in the South of France. It has been conferred the epithet as the Marbella of France.

Accommodation: As far as hotels are concerned, there are multiple options at St.Tropez. One could easily obtain the lap of luxury or an economical bargain. Even last-minute package deals are available to this popular hotspot.

Main Attractions: When you say the word 'St. Tropez', what comes to mind are its beaches. The place has been blessed with an abundance of beaches with Plage de Pampellone and the Plage des Graniers being considered as the best ones. Both these beaches, like all the other ones, have an array of bars, restaurants, shops and lovely shorelines to keep you entertained and relaxed. The Musee St Tropez which is located in the Annonciade chapel is a must-visit for its modern-art collections. There is also a butterfly museum which the kids are bound to enjoy. Twice a week, the Place des Lices market is held and those looking for local produce or souvenirs should check out there. Snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving are activities that one might like to indulge in along with the host of water sports. One of the liveliest features of St. Tropez are its nightclubs which remain open till the early hours of dawn.

Liam Neeson Cause (3)

ONE Campaign

Nesson has campaigned a lot for this charity.

Nesson has campaigned a lot for this charity. It is a non- profit organization fighting crippling poverty and preventable diseases, particularly in African Nations. It raises public awareness to implement effective policies and programs thus saving lives and helping to educate children in order to improve their future.


Liam Neeson at UNICEF event.

The actor was appointed the goodwill ambassador for UNICEF in March 2011. The main mission of the organization is to provide developmental assistance and long-term benevolence to children and their families in developing countries. It also believes that every child should be provided health-care facilities, better education, equality and protection.

Strips down for charity

Liam Nesson recently took off his clothes to support a noble charitable cause.

Liam Nesson recently took off his clothes to support a noble charitable cause. The Irishman took part in TV host Ellen DeGeneres’s chat show in October 2012. The objective of the program was to raise money in order to fund research with the aim of finding a cure for the deadly terminal disease of breast cancer. The actor was given an option to either don a boxer short or briefs. In the end Nesson opted for the bolder option and stripped down to a pink brief. He also graciously offered himself as a target by sitting on a dunk tank where members of the by and large female audience tried to hit him with balls. One cancer survivor even poured a bucket of cold water over Liam’s head! Nesson even went to the extent of offering to take off all his clothes if the money on offer was hiked but this suggestion was not accepted by the TV host. The event was hugely successful and managed to raise about $20,000. All these activities held in the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” were part of fundraising events held by the TV channel in support of the “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”.

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