Light up the shower experience with iB Rubinetterie’s new shower heads

Andrea Divirgilio / October 6, 2009

rain shower heads ib rubinetterie

Create a soothing symphony of light and color within the privacy of your own shower. The new rain spa shower heads from the house of iB Rubinetterie, with a range of ever-changing colors, are sure to make for a memorable showering experience. The illuminating rain spa shower heads are available in a choice of a modern chrome finish (280 mm square and 600 mm round designs) and offer a color-therapy session that will create a spa like bathroom you’ll never want to leave. You have the option to customize the water jets, from a gentle spray to a downpour rain. These new shower heads by iB Rubinetterie offer an invigorating rain shower effect and you can enjoy the whole thing as each stream of water shimmers in the glowing light. No word on pricing.

Via: Trendir

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