Lil Chuckee | $ 1.5 Million
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Lil Chuckee

Music Industry

Net Worth $ 1.5 Million
  • Birthday1st Jan, 70
  • Birth PlaceUnited States
  • Marital statusSingle
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Born Rashad Chuckee Ballard has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Chuckee , youngest rapper signed to toLil Wayne’s Young Money Label is an American rapper. Chuckee has earned his net worth from the release of his mixtape called Rapper’s Market. Additionally his appearances in 35 music videos and songs from his mentor Lil Wayne and several talk shows, like Ellen and Sally Ann Roberts have greatly contributed to his net worth. Lil Chuckee grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is great student in school and knew he wanted to be a rapper at nine years old. Chuckee has done charity works performing in over 250 shows for Hurricane Katrina victims. Chuckee already started a charity himself called S.O.C.K. (Save Our Community Kids In New Orleans.)


  • It wasn't hard, because anything that I speak about is what I’m going through right now. So anything I've ever done was just about what I was feeling at the moment. It wasn’t really a transition; everybody gets better over the years.
  • I ain't come in as an “ABC,” kiddie rapper so it wasn't hard, you know? I always had a rough image, so people were just like, “Okay, that just adds icing to the cake now that he’s started talking about things we can relate to.” And I’m talking about people that are older, like in their 20’s. So they were like, “Okay, cool.
  • I ain't gotta worry about hearing him trying to run away from saying a curse word.” Everything is just flat out now, and they’re loving it.
  • Nah, all of my mixtapes are all me. Unless there was a feature on a song then it’s like, “Okay, someone jumped on it,” but the whole thing with my tapes is all me.
  • Yeah, of course! I mean, I've been running with the big dogs. Everybody...from the 2 Chainz to the Yo Gottis, everybody, those are my brothers. Those are like the big bros. And that was before 2 Chainz changed his name. So it just goes to show that I have real niggas standing behind me and just showing that love.
  • Everything. Like, it’s gotta be a whole ‘nother situation.
  • Well, I’m finishing up the LeBron Of My Time mixtape. That was supposed to drop in October, but I wanted to make sure that I was really comfortable with the music. So that should be dropping in [February] sometime. I don’t have a date quite yet.
  • Different music. Just the different sounds. It’s on a whole other level than my previous mixtapes. It’ll be universal.
  • My previous mixtapes were cool, but over these past months I’ve been working so much and working so hard that I’ve stepped my game up. I’ve gotten better so this mixtape will just have people like, “This is the Chuckee we love.
  • his is the Chuckee we gon’ stand with. This the one we gon’ stick with.” I have some deep, deep subjects that I’m speaking on and some subjects that the niggas in the hood can relate to. Of course, I’ve got some verses for the ladies. And I got some records with me just cutting up—just showing that Chuckee can really spit.

Did you know?

  • Lil Chuckee real name is Rashard Chuckee Ballard and comes from New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Chuckee wanted to emulate people like rappers Master P., Silk the Shocker, and C. Murder.
  • Lil Chuckee released his debut album Childs Play in 2009.

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Lil Chuckee Cause (1)

S.O.C.K. (Save Our Community Kids In New Orleans.)

Save Our Community Kids In New Orleans was started by Lil Chuckee himself to help children and victims of Hurricane Katrina in his home land New Orleans.
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