Lila-Lou reveals a truly unique wind-powered vessel

Andrea Divirgilio / October 27, 2009

ankida yacht

The London and Swiss-based yacht design studio, Lila-Lou, has revealed their latest project, Ankida. The Ankida concept’s design relies on the full automation of the mechanics for most part of its operation to allow for the greatest surface area coverage and optimal positioning in relation to the wind direction and conditions. The superstructure shaped in a bow-like arrangement allows the forces to work efficiently for propulsion and the keel bulb adjusting automatically to optimize the center of mass and gain the best performance. When you decide not to sail, the booms automatically rest joined and facing aft with the sail in line with the straight mast. One of the unique features of Ankida is that it can also operate under one sail, allowing the option of a portside sail. Being packed with a sophisticated software package for weather, navigation and operation makes Ankida a truly unique wind powered vessel.

Check out the image gallery and video after the jump:

Via: SuperYachtTimes

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