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The Limited Edition Cohiba Behike Cigar box for $18,846 is a perfect gift for the connoisseur

Andrea Divirgilio / December 19, 2011

Smoking isn’t the healthiest habit, but for the connoisseur who likes the finest blends of the leaf, health does take a 2nd step sometimes. Cohiba, a brand which has given us ultra-fine options like the Frederique Constant, now brings in what might be the world’s most expensive cigar: limited edition Cohiba ‘Behike’ cigar. Priced at $18,846 for a box of 40, or $420 for each, these cigars have been prepared with a special blend of Cuban tobacco, which itself is a secret like most of the fine variety in this segment.

Cohiba 40th anniversary cigar

Though cigar tobacco is grown over significant stretches of land in the Caribbean and American continent, the world’s finest varieties are known to come from the country called Cuba. So much as been the fame associated tobacco from that country, which cigars have become a symbol of national pride for people of that nation. This is also where the Cohiba Behike has been grown, and blended to perfection by Norma Fernandez Torcedora, at the El Laguito Cohiba factory. The varieties she generally uses are from the Pinar del Rio and Vuelto Abajo regions of Cuba, but like most things special, the actual blending and selection process remains strictly under wraps.

Apart from the rare breed of tobacco, it has also been revealed that each of the cigars has actually been rolled by hand; hence craftsmanship does indeed come into the picture more than once. The container of these fine cigars is also something unique, as they are mini-humidifiers, which keep alive the delicate elements of the flavor of the rare tobacco blend. With each stick 192mm in length, one can obviously hope for a long and rather optimum level of cigar smoking experience.

The total number of cigars of this particular edition shall be limited to only 4,000, meaning that stocks might not last too long. So connoisseurs are definitely advised to rush in their orders. However, for options, we would suggest the Hobanos 2011 limited edition for lighting up. Comparisons, as we say, are solely subjective.

Update: The original Cohiba Behike (commemorating Cohiba’s 40th Anniversary) is made of out ebony wood and skate skins and bones. Humidor was made by Elie Blue in France.

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