Limited edition Johnnie Walker bottles

Andrea Divirgilio / July 1, 2011

limited edition Johnnie Walker bottles

There is a prescribed art of drinking as it is a rule-governed activity in any culture. A true connoisseur knows the value and art of fine drinking and therefore knows the value of the world-known whiskey brand, Johnnie Walker. The ultra-premium presentation and the classic taste of the drink is a sheer pleasure for the drinkers to cherish for long.

Therefore, below we have compiled a list of tremendous bottles of limited edition of Johnnie Walker:

1. Love for Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker limited edition

“Love for Johnie Walker” is the latest into Johnnie Walker designer bottles. It’s a bottle created by white and blue porcelain that render an artistic look to it. The limited edition bottles are just 1000 in numbers. These bottles have been designed by a Manchester-based firm, LOVE, to celebrate the opening of Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai. The Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai is a favorite place for drinkers that educates and inspires the guests about the history of the most coveted whiskey brand in the world. It’s a special 24° angle flooring with each detail reciting some old whiskey story. For giving the ambiance a classic look, the vivacious Johnnie Walker story has been woven in the fabric and is spread in the house.

2. Blue Label King George V

Johnnie Walker limited edition

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Dubai Duty Free, Diageo, the owners of Johnnie Walker, launched a limited edition of 250 bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V whisky. The exquisite bottles that took two complete years include rare and precious whiskey and each bottle weighs 75cl. The elite bottles come in elegant handcrafted lacquered case.

3. Diageo’ s $150k limited edition scotch whiskey

limited edition Johnnie Walker bottles

This Diageo’ s special limited edition Scotch whiskey bottle was created to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II rule in 2012. The company has created bottles with a plan of gifting the fist bottle to the Queen. Reaming bottles will be available for private sale by invitation only and the Scotch whiskey will be bottled only on February 6, 2012.

4. 200 anniversary edition Johnnie Walker

limited edition Johnnie Walker bottles

One of the most expensive brands of whiskey, Diageo, had created 200 bottles of the whiskey for sale. These bottles were up for sale on the occasion of the 200 anniversary edition of Johnnie Walker. The foremost brand selected Scotland’s best whiskies to create its anniversary pack bottle. The bottles cost a whopping $35,000 but were worth spending on.

5. Personalized wine bottles

limited edition Johnnie Walker bottles

What could be a better way of making someone feel special than gifting him/her a personalized item. What if that personalized item is nothing but an elegant wine bottle from Johnnie Walker. Long back, the company offered own one-of-a-kind gift by adding a personalized message with their custom engraving service.

So, time to cheers!

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