Limited edition Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock pens pay tribute to the master of horror and suspense
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Limited edition Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock pens pay tribute to the master of horror and suspense

Limited edition Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock pens pay tribute to the master of horror and suspense

Alfred Hitchcock and his long standing association with horror and suspense genre of movies need not be documented again. His status has reached legendary heights, and perhaps that’s the purchase misoprostol reason Montblanc has decided to create 2 limited edition series of writing instruments for him. After special editions like the Diamond Solitaire, and the Max Reinhardt anniversary pens, it’s the Alfred Hitchcock special editions series that shall be for the pen collectors around the world, especially those who are the fans of the British movie maker, and his genre of thriller motion pictures.

Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock limited edition 3000 pen

Limited edition 3000

Based on the movies ‘Psycho’ and ‘Vertigo’, which were packed with intriguing scenes, these pens (pictured above) have been designed on the sidelines of these movies with various elements from them used on the pens’ bodies. Available misoprostol buy in limited editions of 3000 each, there are options such as fountain pens, or even the Roller ball with marathon refill, both of which come with 925 sterling silver rings. These rings have been engraved with several hatch marks which relate to the above mentioned movies and their year of release. The black lacquered bodies of the instruments have been given a special pattern which is reminiscent of the most iconic scenes of the ‘Psycho’ and ‘Vertigo’ movies.

Limited Edition 80

Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock limited edition 80 pen

Similar in some ways to the blood curling scenes of Hitchcock movies (Psycho murder scene), this limited edition series of 80 pens carry much of the shocking variable of movies buy prozac online no prescription, published: monday, july 26, 2010, 5:05 pm buy generic prozac, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, giese said. of this kind from the master British moviemaker. The special red enamel of the writing instruments while bringing to light the images of these scenes, also carry along the delicate craftsmanship of the 750 white gold decoration around the pen’s rear end, studded with diamonds. The same is the case with the nib, central crown, and even the cap’s clip, which also have the film negative patterns etched on them. In some ways, it reminds of what Hitchcock thought to be his strongest weapon of creativity, and is also a fitting tribute to the legacy of the director.

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Montblanc Andrew Jackson artisan edition pen

The new Montblanc series doesn’t just end here. What might be one of the most historically inclined pieces of creativity, the Andrew Jackson pen series from Montblanc has been crafted as a tribute to the 7th President of the United States, and what would further expand the series of ‘Signatures for Freedom’ collection. Made in a limited edition of 50 pieces which match with the number of states united under the federation, this writing instrument uses a whole 750 white gold body with intricate artwork embalming the chassis and capping. In fact, the detailed pattern is similar to what was the design on the reception hall of the White House was during President Jackson’s tenure in office. The black elements seen around the central crown, bottom end, and even the zenith of the cap, symbolize the military career Mr. Jackson had, before being elected by popular vote to the president’s office. The side clip however, would see a blue sapphire dedicated to his blue eyes, and the mother of pearl towards the top end. Even his legislative years have been marked on top of the cap. The price of each of these pens is $33,300. Proscar online

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Via: FPGeeks/ Montblanc

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