Limited edition Space wedding rings from Spacewed fuels the space mania
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Limited edition Space wedding rings from Spacewed fuels the space mania

Limited edition Space wedding rings from Spacewed fuels the space mania

Space Wedding Rings

Looks like the earth isn’t as interesting a place anymore; space seems to be where the rich want to spend their money on. ­­We had earlier seen the space industry making waves with the announcements such as, the Galactic Space Resort stated to open in 2012, David Mackay becoming the first pilot to glide Virgin Galactic’s first trip into space, and Romain Jerome Xenical order moondust pens . Now the latest to join the league of space products are Space rings, which were unveiled at the recently held Dubai International Jewelry Week. Available as 2 separate categories, namely Space Wedding rings and Space rings, these will indeed be exclusive with only 50 units of each available on sale.

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Traditionally looking, we have all seen rare fabrics such as Iridium, platinum, titanium, and buy Paxil even moondust being rare and expensive and used in rather exotic products such as pens and watches. But this particular case gives rise to the major question; what makes these rings special? The answer is almost silly, as these rings have been created with a special lot of gold which was sent to space in a unique packaging, before remaining in that condition for 15 minutes, and then coming eventually back to the earth, and finally converted into these unique rings. By the looks of it, one wouldn’t know what would have changed in the characteristic of the precious metal, but this is what is making the demanding customer shed their money, and making the rings special.

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Speaking of the rings themselves, they are available in 2 options; space rings, and space wedding rings. The space wedding rings (pictured top) are available as a pair for $17,000 each which will have men’s and a woman’s ring in them. Rather delicately handcrafted and polished, they indeed make the occasion special for the bride and groom. Each of these rings has been engraved with serial number of production, from which customers get to choose Cytotec cheap dapoxetine online in usa, uk, australia, canada. buy dapoxetine online from official certified pharmacies. and buy. The space rings (pictured below) are more generalistic, and are meant for collectors of exotic jewelry. These are also a limited edition set with 50 produced overall, but come with a lower price tag of $12,000 each. However, the lucky customers will each get a USB pen drive, which will have documented details of the space flight in which these rings will be there, and also a separate certificate testifying the authenticity of these rings. What will be more interesting, are the buyers who will actually be buying these things. But till then, we just wait and watch.

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