Limited edition Vinylmation Steampunk set includes a pocket watch

Andrea Divirgilio / August 19, 2010

vinylmation steampunk collection

After the much praised Steampunk-inspired pin collection called The Mechanical Kingdom, Disney Design Group artist Mike Sullivan has created a limited edition Vinylmation Steampunk set. The new Steampunk-inspired Disney merchandise includes six figures and is scheduled to be released in early 2011. Other than the limited edition figures, Mike has also created a limited edition Vinylmation Steampunk-inspired pocket watch. This Steampunk watch will be accompanied by a 3-inch figure, which has been inspired by the watch itself. Only 750 pieces will be made available in California and Florida in December 2010.

Mike Sullivan told Steven Miller over at Disney Parks Blog…

I started work on the set about a year ago. I wanted to tell a story with this six-figure set, similar to the story I told with the ‘Mechanical Kingdom’ pins. The packaging for this Vinylmation set will really complete the whole story. It’s exciting for me to see these figures come to life.

The upcoming Steampunk-inspired merchandise also includes a pin set that will be released at the Sci-Fi Academy event at Disneyland Resort in Summer 2011. The new Vinylmation set is a sure delight for the fans of Steampunk and Disney.

Via: Disney Parks Blog

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