Limited edition Zenvo ST-1 super car goes on sale for $1.17 million
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Limited edition Zenvo ST-1 super car goes on sale for $1.17 million

Limited edition Zenvo ST-1 super car goes on sale for $1.17 million

ZENVO ST-1 supercar by Zenvo Automotive

The Zenvo ST-1 supercar, which we had earlier talked about this year, has finally gone on sale with a price tag of $1.8 million for each unit. Produced in a limited number of just 15 cars, these cars will be entirely created out of the company outlet in Denmark, which has currently released just 3 editions for the United States. The distribution shall be undertaken by Emporio Motor buy doxycycline Group, who reportedly is facing an aggressive pursuit of these 3 cars.

When Jasper Jensen and Troels Vollertsen created Zenvo Automotive in 2004, they had a single train of thought; to create exclusive handmade cars, which would stand out for the designing and exclusivity factor. This is precisely what they have done with the ST-1, which will have only misoprostol buy online 15 models ever to be produced for buyers around world. The United States are lucky to get the first lot of 3 editions. Making the car special, will be the 1100 HP engine, which can take the car just about 3 seconds to reach from 0-100 km/ph. With 7.0 liter V-8 design, it can take the vehicle up to 375 km/ph of electronically controlled top speed, which matches F1 standards pretty easily. Other notable additions include the triple mode driving settings, head-up display, auto-dimming rear view mirror, hydraulic height control, carbon fiber-tinted glass, crafted leather interiors, and carbon wheels. The use of carbon fiber has ensured that the car is only 1378 kgs in weight, making the engine even more efficient at generating power to the highest of speeds.

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As for other customization options, the lucky buyers will doxycycline hyclate for std doxycycline 093 doxycycline reviews order vardenfil get to choose from 3 colors, including red, blue and white. This will also be carried as a matching pair on the interiors of the car, such as the seat lining, dashboard console, etc. Recently, a Russian billionaire had actually ordered one in blue! Also, we are told that for even the smallest of repairs, the car has to be shipped to Denmark, the cost of which has to be borne by the owner.

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