Limited eiditon Nike basketball shoes for LeBron and Kobe Bryant

Andrea Divirgilio / May 7, 2012

With the NBA Playoffs beginning this month, which is considered to be the most high-pressure part of the season, both of the Basketball icons, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant will be wearing Nike’s new line of ultra high-end basketball shoes, fitted with carbon-fiber and Kevlar. As LeBron wanted the best in show for the World’s biggest basketball stage and the brightest lights, Nike obliged the games’ legend with its limited run high-end shoe, which is part of the 2012 Elite Series, which includes the LeBron 9 PS, Nike Zoom Hyperdunk and the Nike Kobe VII.

Nike’s new line of ultra high-end basketball shoes

Nike began manufacturing these high-end basketball shoes by deconstructing its regular production models, and replacing the standard materials with higher performance, stiffer and innovative options. With a carbon-fiber plate in sole and carbon-fiber counter on the heels, the shoe provides relatively tougher launching points for all the cuts and jumps. The kevlar, which threads into the so-called Flywire support system creates a tightened shoe, and that too with almost no stretch at all.

Nike’s new line of ultra high-end basketball shoes

Additionally, Nike has also deepened the grooves on the shoe soles to allow greater movement for the players and athletes. Further, the designers have radically cut-down on the fabric layers, as the Kevlar has provided so much additional strength. Nike also created a cast-urethane upper which mimics snakeskin.

By flooding a simple shoe with so much of material innovation, Nike has created a sense for the wearer for having the best, the most innovative and technically advanced shoes on one’s feet. As said by Nike designer Leo Chang said, “We want people to feel they can be just like these athletes. These shoes aren’t just for the pro athletes. The shoes are made for those who want that pinnacle experience.” And, all these shows will be made available to the public at an affordable price between $200 and $250.

Nike’s new line of ultra high-end basketball shoes

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