Lister Storm
Lister Storm | $ 350,000
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Lister Storm

Lister Storm

Here is a car which, if you own, you would be owning one-third of such cars in the world! That's right! Only three Lister Storm cars exist in the world today and only four were ever produced. This coupe was a homologated racing car. The Storm was built by Lister Cars first in 1993. The supercar was the brainchild of Laurence Pearce who worked on its design tirelessly to produce the saloon considered as the fastest in the world till 2006. Its price was the main reason why the car did not catch on. Even in the 1990s, the car cost a whooping $350,000. Little wonder that the production ceased with four cars. Today, the fact that it is such a rare car has priced it around the half a million mark. This 2-door, 4-seater coupe has a front engine but is a rear-wheel drive car. This must be said that the Storm is not a race-car modified for the road. It is a comfortable car in its own right.


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The interiors of the Lister Storm are functional and comfortable. One would be surprised to know the amount of space that the car has. Though there are only two doors, there is comfortable legroom, headroom and body room for 4 adults in ergonomic, cushioned and well-upholstered, sporty seats. A cushioning wall seems to separate the seats at the sides and there are automated seatbelts for safety. A heater and an air-conditioner have been added to the trio of cars that exist in the world today. The dashboard is expansive and impeccably neat in its dials and displays.


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The car's monococque is a honeycomb construction made of aluminium. Two rear bulkheads and three frontal bulkheads complete it. The stylish, parachute-canopy roof is made of pure carbon composite and looks quite small for a car of this size. The car has an overall crouching appearance and the sides are powerfully muscled in design. The bumpers are not very conspicuous in their projection but have been constructed from carbon-kevlar combo. The suspension has been designed to have maximum movement with the minimum roll - a great engineering challenge in itself. The overall car shape slopes from the rear to the tip of the hood and this gives it a kind of aerodynamic boost for better navigation. However, the big bump on the bonnet and some other curves of the car seem to defy logic in their existence.

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