Lotec Sirius
Lotec Sirius | $ 611,000
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Lotec Sirius

Lotec Sirius

Serious racing grade hypercar maker, Lotec GmbH was initially, after market tuner for Porsche vehicles. Founded by Kurt Lotterschmid, company started operation prominently in 1969. Later in 1983, they started performance modification of Mercedes Benz cars. However, through out these years, Lotec continued as small German company without any own automobile model. Their name, for the first time, came onto forefront with Lotec C1000 in 1995. It was the most powerful car of its time with 1000 hp top power delivery. This an on-commission project, priced around $3.4 million. After all most 10 years of C1000, Lotec released its first ever original design and automobile model Lotec Sirius. Budgetary restriction kept the company waiting for final release of Sirius, which was conceived way back in 1995. Priced at around £379335, Sirius surely belongs to category of Buggati Veyron and Koenigsegg CCXR. Till date, Lotec came out with only one upgrade on the car in 2009, which included some minor body work.


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Sirius as a hyper performance vehicle takes care of standard luxury features like air conditioning and power steering. Inside the car, standard racing grade bucket seat with 3-points harnessing and circular-styled instrument panel and velour carpet cover are major attractions. Lotec offers free choice regarding color and interior finish. So, you can completely personalize the car.



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Lotec Sirius seriously looks out of league externally and under-styled. Some people had called it, unnecessarily, ugly; though, over all impression has been overwhelmingly satisfactory. With midship engine, rear wheel drive and tent-like passenger cabin, exterior speaks aerodynamics. Dimension-wise, it is 4120 mm long, 2080 mm wide and 1120 mm high. Very long ceiling design means, you need real body-bending for egress and ingress. Tinted glass construction is standard, which offers very wide angle visual range. Sirius weighs only 1280 kg despite all luxury features and the reason is carbon fiber body work, reinforced by Kevlar and fiber glass. Chassis is built of tubular steel made space frame. Lift-up doors gives the car a futuristic look. 19’’ wheels no doubt go perfectly in-sync with the car's body style. For high speed braking, you get Brembo ventilated racing brake with ABS on front and rear wheel. Suspension is independent across the wheels with coil spring, tube shock absorber and unequal length lower and upper A-arms.

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