Lotus Esprit S4

$ 74 Thousand
Top Speed
257 km/hr (mph)

This sports car was built by Lotus cars in the UK between 1976 and 2004 with the latest model to be launched in 2013.The Series 1 cars were launched in 1976 at the Paris Auto Show. Later S2 and S3 models with improvement in performance were introduced over the years. In 1993, Julian Thomson redesigned the interior and the exterior with a mid rear spoiler, front and rear fenders, side skirting and the alloy wheels. Power steering was introduced for the first time in this model. A total of 622 cars were produced after its launch in 1994 at the British Motor Show. It was a mid-front engine, and had a classic, lithe style that left one looking stunned. Owners of this model are more than satisfied with the dynamics and styling of the car and get greatly attached to this superb performer priced at a modest $73,656.


The focal point of action, the engine, is 2.2L manufactured by Lotus. With four cylinders placed longitudinally producing 285 bhp at 7700 rpm and a torque of 275 lb/ft. Unlike most British cars that are powerful,but heavy and traditional, this product is light and nimble, easily devouring speeds of 257 km/hr and a quick responding acceleration of 0-80 kms in 4.6 seconds. An icon of style for Hollywood stars like Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts and James Bond movies, the Lotus Esprit is any owners asset of pride.


The interior is available with two options like, luxury and sport. Step inside the cabin and you are treated to comfort with bucket seats in the finest Connolly leather and polished walnut trims. The layout has been ergonomically designed to provide a roomier cabin. The instrument panel has a minimum of 4 basic indicators of a speedometer, rev counter, fuel and temp gauges with other controls cleverly tucked behind the gear lever. The gear shift has a matching leather cover and a knob of aluminum. Air vents, tunnel roof and heating controls provide the correct temperature for driving in comfort.


Long and sleek with a gently sloping bonnet, the S4 is 4414 mm long and weighs 1347 kgs. This 2 door coupe with a fixed head is available in stunning primary colors like Blue, Black, White, Red and a Yellow in 2004 which is the one and only last car specially hand built and lovingly finished with the engineers signatures on every part. Wide arches hold 18" rear wheels with ZR 18 tyres. Superbly designed alloy wheels with five spokes were introduced in this car. The rear spoiler positioned high up in the rear and on the roof give it a dashing and sporty look. Fenders are chosen to be in the same body color with attractive air ducts positioned attractively in the front, sides and rear. Another delightful feature is the shuttered headlights which open up coyly when switched on. This low slung car has doors set a little lower than standard designs which adds a powerful racing style.