Lotus Europa S
Lotus Europa S | $ 63,000
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Lotus Europa S

Lotus Europa S

Lotus is well-known for making cars with exceptional handling, no troublesome electronic aids and nor any unnecessary extras that would add to up to the final kerb weight. Despite having the name for building some of the world’s best track cars, there are some people out there among car lovers who desire for a more easy-going Lotus brand car, which provides them with the coziness of a premium GT. That is why the Hethel guys developed the Europa S, which is a sure shot derivative of the hardcore built Lotus Elise, but comes with opulent Lotus standards interior along with improved accessibility and a bunch of helpful accessories and features which are not usually found in case of light weight roadsters.


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Slide in right behind the wheel and for sure you’ll immediately realize that what Lotus was exactly trying to get while designing the Europa S. You still need to be a skilled contortion artist if you want to step into the car’s cabin without getting embarrassed. The interior of the car offers more than mere bare metal surfaces to sooth the eyes.

The driving position is similar to that in the Lotus Elise, while the small size lightweight extruded aluminum pedals uphold the race car feeling. The perforated leather door inserts, beautiful thick carpets, and well aligned air-conditioning vents show another aspect of the interior. The Europa S comes with a larger boot, greater level of soundproofing, and easier cabin accessibility due to lower chassis sides, and a higher level roof line. Luxuries such as leather interior, air conditioning, sound system as standard equipment.


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The Europa S dimension wise measures 390cm in length which is 11.5cm longer compared to Lotus Elise. The trunk space measures in total 154L but is fairly compromised because of the uneven shaped floor and also because of the heat that comes via the engine. The car makes use of an extruded and bonded aluminum chassis featuring composite body panels and a solid front crash structure.

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