Lotus Turbo Esprit

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Top Speed
150mph (mph)

Lotus Turbo Esprit is a sports car form the stables of the British car making giant Lotus. Lotus has been in the car making industry for over five decades and the Turbo Esprit was a sensation when it was launched back in 1976. The car went out of production in 2004 as it could not meet emission norms and Lotus deemed it fit to take the vehicle out of the market and hence create space for new products, instead of investing in a re design project. The turbo is a two seater sports coupe and is very powerful. The car is related to the present Lotus Esprit GT1 model.


The Lotus Turbo Esprit uses a powerful V 6 engine under the hood and this propels the car forward in every situation. The air cooled engine requires a lot of time to rest before it is able to start a long journey. The engine has been factory tuned for the race track and this effect the ride ability of the car on the streets. The transmission is fairly decent and the 5 speed manual transmission does a decent job of transferring the right amount of power to the axle when the car needs it the most.


The interior of the Lotus Turbo Esprit is feature rich and has a lot of space as well. The car is for two people and has considerable storage space at the back. The car has a beige interior with dark shaded upholstery and an aluminum-finish steering wheel lending it very much a race car look and feel. The aluminum knobs, brake and clutch pedal of the car does its bit to reduce the weight of the car. The steering wheel is mounted at a convenient spot and this helps the driver control the car with ease.


The Lotus Turbo Esprit is a two seat, rear mid engine, rear wheel drive sports car and the design has been made for speed. When the car was launched back in the 70s, it became a sensation among the college goers as well as the sports car enthusiasts due to its smart designing. The car has sleek lines running down the body through the sides, a smart front grille, and a strong metal chassis with aluminum bolts on the exterior to reduce weight. The car was designed by Giorgetto Giugiarro and was designed on the now famous paper folding design.