Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades: Made for travel collection for discerning travellers

Andrea Divirgilio / May 22, 2012

Louis Vuitton’s journey with all things synonymous with the word “travel” continues. We had earlier reported on their custom tea trunks-exquisite pieces designed around Taiwanese tea drinking traditions with generous amounts of signature Louis Vuitton trunk making techniques thrown in. In what could be described as a major addition to their already enriched travel range, the celebrated luxury brand now brings Objets Nomades- a collection inspired by some of Louis Vuitton’s most beautiful trunks. Louis Vuitton, over the years, has collaborated with decorators, and artisans to create their mesmerizing pieces. The Objets Nomades range in a way is a continuation of that philosophy.

Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades: Made for travel collection for discerning travellers

Louis Vuitton 101 Taipei Masion

The opening of Taipei 101 Maison, Louis Vuitton’s Taiwan store has been marked by a series of offerings. The Objets Nomades project is just a case in point. Housed within the famous Taipei 101, the Louis Vuitton store epitomizes the company’s iconic journey till date. Graced with a two storey high indoor atrium, the store has been crafted in a way so it can allow visitors to discover Louis Vuitton’s passion and respect for designs. Packed as it could be with Louis Vuitton’s signature collections, the Taipei 101 Maison dotes on this particular section called the travel room. Dedicated solely and exclusively to travel items, the room features a nine meter wall that highlights the maiden appearance of the “Made for Travel” line.

Louis Vuitton trunks

The Objets Nomades collection packs onto itself a series of pieces created by novice artisans. Elegant and beautiful, the range includes foldable furniture and accessories inspired majorly by Louis Vuitton’s historic trunks. For those who did not know, the luxury brand became a name to reckon with through its iconic trunks. These exquisite pieces have graced the homes of the rich and famous back through time. From Saudi Princes to the Maharajah of Baroda, Louis Vuitton trunks have found a wide client base. After traversing an entire century and the half of another being trusted travel companions to thousands, Louis Vuitton trunks, in their modern avatar, represent mobile households that come fitted with TV sets, solar panels and DVDs.

Louis Vuitton is all set to expand their stationery range

A collaborative venture designed around Louis Vuitton’s iconic trunks, the Objets Nomades range reminds us of some really interesting revelations from the Company’s stable that made news recently. Earlier this year the brand had announced their intentions of fanning out into the world of perfumes. And in a recent revelation, it has been found that Louis Vuitton is all set to expand their stationery range with “paper goods and related paraphernalia.” While Louis Vuitton is yet to confirm the reports on an official level, insider sources claim that the top luxury label’s existing stationery range will be revamped soon. Louis Vuitton, however, is not the first luxury brand to venture into stationery. Labels like Oscar de la Renta and Tiffany’s &Co. had already set precedents in this category.

Coming back to the Objets Nomades range, one thing that mesmerizes us all the way is the manner in which each and every item has been crafted to represent the Louis Vuitton trunk designs. If the hammock is reminiscent of the bed trunk, then the Stokowski trunk comes alive with the desk. Apart from these two, the collection includes a range of home lighting and small travel accessories as well.

The Stokowski trunk comes alive with the desk

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