Louis Vuitton Polo Bike adds more style to the game of polo

Andrea Divirgilio / December 29, 2011

Dating back to the 5th century, Polo had become a game enjoyed amongst the rich and elite, henceforth a reason for their pride and prestige. In time, like other sports, everything relating to it received sophisticated makeovers, especially the equipment, and now is a time when it is played on bicycles instead of the traditional horses. To cater to the modernized version of Polo, Louis Vuitton has introduced the special edition Polo bike, for the lovers of the game and the Italian designer brand. With several new customizations, the human powered bicycle adds more glamour and style than what already exists in the game.

Louis Vuitton Polo cycle

The French duo of Hennes Hengst and Gregory Barbier who have been professional players of Polo, have been a part of the project to develop this bike, keeping much of the professional sport’s demands in mind, while also adding to the glamour factor. The noticeable changes or rather the additions noticed, include the stitched and embossed leather paddle straps and mallet holders, leather wrapped bike shaft, etched bar plugs, special machine chaining by Victoire, and also the equipment which includes the hollow body of the mallet head, gloves and helmet. Color synchronized according to elegant tastes, special attention has been paid to the detailing and fine texturing of the surfaces, even the odd ones likes the chequered wheel cover of the bike. Some technicians would argue a more free and open design would have been better while playing the sport, but in terms of styling, it noticeably makes a difference in aesthetics, and build quality which are granted attributes of the brand.

Louis Vuitton Polo equipment in use

We haven’t yet received a word on the pricing, but do expect it to be in the premium range as usual. However, if there are other kinds of designer polo gear you are looking at, we do suggest going over the Caballero Polo shirt, which supposedly is bullet proof as well.

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