Louis Vuitton’s custom tea trunk
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Louis Vuitton’s custom tea trunk

Louis Vuitton’s custom tea trunk

Custom tea trunk by Louis Vuitton

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Tea is for the Taiwanese what trunks are for Louis Vuitton. None will not let go of their fondest passion for, well, all the tea in China even. If tea drinking occupies a place of eminence in Taiwanese lives, then Louis Vuitton began its journey with trunks. Picking up the thread from there and in ode to Taiwan’ local culture, the celebrated French Viagra online fashion house now presents 3 valuable pieces of tea trunks. Designed by Patrick –Louis Vuitton, the trunks are available in Epi rainbow colors of orange, red and green. The tea trunk comes with a customized Chinese tea set from the stable of Hsiao Fan Pottery Art.

An antique Louis Vuitton tea trunk

An antique Louis Vuitton which had once graced the Company’s Asnieres, Paris museum was also put on display during the Grand opening of its Taiwan chapter. And for those who did not know, Louis Vuitton’s Taiwan den sits right inside the famous Taipei 101. Occupying spaces on the 5th and 4th levels, the Louis Vuitton Taiwan property consists of a travel room where, needless to point out, you can find a wealth of the Company’s signature items for travel itineraries.

Louis Vuitton trunks

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Louis Vuitton and trunks have traversed an entire century and the half of another like loyal compatriots. The brand, among the most valuable ones in the world, had started off with trunks. The Company archives today represent a priceless treasury of items that had served the rich and the famous back through time. Their clientele includes a series of Indian Maharajahs who would rely on the brand and its prowess with trunks for all their travels. The Excelski trunk, the driver’s bags are masterpieces in their own right which the royals picked and subsequently got adjusted to individual order Viagra requirements.

Custom Louis Vuitton trunks have featured in the personal collection of some of the world’s most renowned figures. The Company, for instance, is said to have created a special picnic trunk for a Saudi Prince. The extra long trunk is another great specimen of Louis Vuitton’s legendary history in trunk making. Created in the late 19th Century, the trunk was designed especially to meet the needs of an Italian Traveler. As for tea trunks, topping the list is a grand set commissioned by none other than the Maharajah of Baroda. But why exactly does Louis Vuitton need to go extra mile in helping customers? As Jade Huntouche, manager of special orders puts it, catering to top notch Louis Vuitton customers is an effective way of accentuating the brand’s reputation among elites.

A modern version of the Louis Vuitton trunk

Over time, Louis Vuitton custom trunks have come to epitomize all things classy. No longer restricted to being just a piece of baggage, they have metamorphosed into mobile households. Who can, after all forget, the bespoke “breakfast in the desert” trunk that we reported on earlier? Equipped with DVDs, solar panels and TV sets, the trunk was designed to provide all the luxuries of domestic living while its owner would be on the go. The Louis Vuitton cake trunk for Selfridge’s 100th anniversary celebrations was another spectacular item from the Company’s stable.

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100 legendary trunks-the book which describes Louis Vuitton's history in trunk making

And while their trunks have packed thousands of pieces of luggage, royal or otherwise, Louis Vuitton’s long journey with trunks comes packed inside a book called “100 Proscar without prescription legendary trunks”. Powered by 800 photographs, the book offers an excellent sneak peek into the brand’s history of making world class trunks. The most important trunks featured in the book include those created for Sharon Stone, Karl Lagerfeld and Jeanne Lanvin. All said and done, let us conclude with a small hope: may the Taiwanese custom tea case walk down the pages of Louis Vuitton history in the same manner as its predecessors.

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