Louise Blouin | $ 637.5 Million
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Louise Blouin Net Worth

Net Worth $ 637.5 Million
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Born on: 15th Oct 58 Born in: Canada Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Businesswoman/Publisher
Louise Blouin  net worth of $637.5 million. Born Louise Thérèse Blouin , CEO and President of Louise Blouin Media is a French-Canadian magazine publisher and philanthropist. Louise Blouin  net worth came from her works including as a magazine publisher, CEO and President of Louise Blouin Media as well as founder and chairman of Louise T. Blouin Foundation. In 1987, Louise began with only a classified car trading magazine with her husband where it grew into Trader Classified Media. The company acquired around 400 classified-advertisement publications and 60 websites in over 20 companies. Under her management the company’s sales rose to $400 million from $2 million. This success has  expanded Louise Blouin  net worth. In 2003, she started Louise Blouin Media moving into arts publication, acquiring Art+Auction, Gallery Guide, Museums, Culture+Travel, and Modern Painters for three years. In 2005, she founded Louise T. Foundation in order to raise awareness about the role that culture and creativity can play in resolving global issues. It already supported the staging of Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale at The Old Vic theatre, London, in 2005 and the rebuilding the cultural infrastructure of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. This of course speaks about the human side of the huge Louise Blouin  net worth.  
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Louise T. Blouin Foundation

Louise T. Blouin Foundation aims to raising awareness about the role that culture and creativity can play in resolving global issues. The foundation, which is a partner of the United Nations Office for Partnerships, has two core aims: Encouraging a better understanding of foreign affairs and culture beyond borders through international cooperation, exchange, and dialogue for the 21st century Exploring the broader practical significance of creativity and the creative potential of the human brain.
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