Love Thy Hammock – Luxury redefined with Leaf

Andrea Divirgilio / December 19, 2007

That isn’t exactly a part of the Ten Commandments, but once you’ve tried out the new ‘Leaf,’ I am sure that’s exactly what you’ll be telling all your friends. Designers Pinar Yar & Tugrul Govsa have come up with a revolutionary idea that will never let you fall out of your favorite hammock again. Inspired from the earth and nature, the Leaf is made out of plastic material that gives you support and stability while the inside is woven for your comfort. It is just ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. It’s the new luxury in hammock design. It’s the new luxury in hammock design. Try it once and you’ll never get into those foot-trapping, topsy-turvy old hammocks again!

via YankoDesign

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