Ludicrous $150,000 Home Theater beats OTT rap star style

Andrea Divirgilio / June 17, 2008

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Never having been a big fan of kitsch, this elaborate home theater, or shall we say theatre home setup created by Tony and Penny Caciolo impresses me just as much as a flat Pepsi. They spent over $150,000 and came up with what can only be described as a tacky upscale version of a grimy cheap strip club in a run down Vegas street. Complete with fake storefronts, cuts outs of strippers, a pool with a swim-under waterfall that leads to a grotto with a LCD TV inside, a 20-foot screen on the side of the house for pool viewing and an ugly Italian room with a giant 135 inch screen complete the horror of the tacky home which BTW also boasts of a “Bourbon Street Room” in the basement with a 170-inch screen and a full bar as well as a 110-inch drop-down screen and 1080p projector in the bedroom.

For some odd reason we fail to understand what could the couple want to do with so many displays all around the house. I mean they certainly cannot be using them all to entertain guests all the time because all those LCDs staring at your face has got be more tortuous than entertaining.

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via Gizmodo

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