Lufthansa introduces fully flat seats on business class flights

Andrea Divirgilio / March 9, 2012

Lufthansa Airlines which was a part of our coverage on the world’s most luxurious airlines for its 1st class seats has now redeveloped its business class flight, by including completely flat seats for passengers on long haul journeys. Used in its entourage of Boeing 747-8, Airbus A380, and Airbus A340 aircrafts in Europe, this new business class seating shall come as a relief to executives and other passengers, who cover long distances frequently as well as giving them a better experience with a wide multi-media collection on board. With the touch of a button, these seats can convert from a recliner to a full-length flatbed, on which one can relax without bumping into the next seat neighbor.

Lufthansa Business Class seats

The radical change in business seating comes after Lufthansa came into the news for being the hotspot for a €3 billion ($3.94 billion) investment from various quarters, which in turned rejuvenated their product and service offering. On the outset, they have included a sophisticated design which will be giving each passenger his/her space with comfort, and also a certain degree of privacy. With sophisticated looks, and use of modern ergonomics, the space given to each custom has actually been utilized better with more functionality included working of these seats. In the long shot view of things, this move could help Lufthansa look at getting more executives to fly with them.

Lufthansa Business Class seats entertainment and multimedia

Other than this, there are 15.4-inch screens which are mounted on the seat backs, meant to display a large variety of entertainment and multimedia on offer. With the ability to connect individual headphones, one can listen to music, catch up on a movie, or even plug in a tablet or mobile phone to keep connected for work. Even reading a newspaper couldn’t get this much easy and comfortable on long haul flights. At the end of the day when the need for some rest comes in, a few buttons to be pressed and this seat is a 1.98 meter flatbed, without compromising of any space of the co-passenger seated in near proximity. This came as a much needed change, as executives often complained of exertion during longer duration journeys. So, during your next trip around Europe, you have another option to spoil yourself, if your company is willing!

Lufthansa Business Class seats

Via: Lufthansa/ ABT

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