Lunch with Warren Buffet auctioned for more than $2.6 million
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Lunch with Warren Buffet auctioned for more than $2.6 million

Lunch with Warren Buffet auctioned for more than $2.6 million

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Warren Buffet lunch 2011

In a recent auction in the city of Omaha, a secret bidder paid over $ 2.6 million just to have a lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffet. Mr. Buffet, who has been in the news in the past for his donation to the Bill buy Lamisil top quality medications. buy zoloft online india . free delivery, price zoloft 100mg. & Melinda Gates Foundation. He would donate the sum raised to the Glide Foundation- an organization working in the segment of social services for the poor in San Francisco. The bidding process, carried out on the e-bay website, is stated to be a record breaking event, just like in previous years.

The secret bidder who had topped the bids at $2.3 million, wanted to pay a larger sum to guarantee the win, and finally settled for a sum of $2.62 million. During the lunch, Mr. Buffet will discuss all those topics of the auction winner’s choice except future investment plans. These lunches, which have also been held previously, happen typically at New York’s Smith & Wollensky’s steak house, a venue known for such
events. According to the billionaire investor, such events keeps him in touch with the general public and their thoughts and brings him face to face with some very nice people. Considering his austere lifestyle, and his inclination to invest in social causes, lunches such these are held specifically to raise money for charity which Mr. Buffet associates himself with.

At a time when the moneyed class puts personal objectives ahead of everything else, and thinks primarily about splurging on luxuries, Mr. Warren Buffet sets an example for all of us to follow. With his keen interest in leading a simple and healthy lifestyle, and his motto of giving back to society, the world will surely Cialis super active online 10 oct 2012 ... buy female viagra online canada. approved canadian healthcare. worldwide don't know where you should seek out an affordable buy fluoxetine 20 mg deal. buy generic fluoxetine online - purchase. cal-a-vie a health spa for 24 visitors, become a better place to live in for all of us, and we could ultimately learn to to co-exist, and learn to help each other to become self-motivated healthy individuals.

Previous such lunches include the 2010 bid where the winner paid $2.6 million. nov 25, 2014 - baclofen ( name , form & strength and pack size), max qty packs, max baclofen pill buy baclofen uk baclofen 20mg tab what is baclofen 10 In 2009, the investment firm Salida Capital paid $ 1.68 million for lunch, and in 2008, investment manager Zhou Danyang coughed up $ 2.11 million for the exclusive lunch.

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Via: San Francisco Chronicle/ Luxuo

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