Lurssen £400 million Project Azzam is now the world’s largest private yacht
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Lurssen £400 million Project Azzam is now the world’s largest private yacht

Lurssen £400 million Project Azzam is now the world’s largest private yacht

The German shipbuilding company based in Bremen-Vegesack, Lürssen Yachts, notably one of the world’s leading builders of custom superyachts is now building the world’s largest private yacht, known as Project Azzam. Costing an astounding $622 million, this 590 ft mega-yacht will be around 57 ft longer than the most expensive and largest private yacht

Incredible mega-yacht ‘Project Azzam

After this incredible mega-yacht ‘Project Azzam’, believed to be commissioned by the Saudi Royal family, will get completed, it will earn honored and titled as the world largest yacht, even longer than some of the cruise ships.

Project Azzam is now the world's largest private yacht

Currently, the construction of Project Azzam is undergoing at the Lürssen Yachts facility in Germany, and the yacht got reportedly transported out of the 170-meter long dock at the German ship-builder Lürssen Yacht's yard to a larger 220-metre dock, as it has become too large to get accommodated in that yard.

‘Project Azzam’ yacht

However, the developer of this super-yacht, Lürssen Yachts has so far refused to discuss any of the consruction details of this top-secret luxury yacht, but there are strong rumors in the yacht industry that ‘Project Azzam’ is being built for powerful Saudi billionaire Al-Waleed bin Talal, who also owns a giga-yacht dubbed as the

Also, check the list of the world's most expensive luxury yachts, providing details into those private yachts known for their hefty price tags and novelty value for the luxurious and exclusive features they have on board. Interestingly, two of the Russian billionaires Roman Abramovich and Andrey Melnichenko, owns the top two most expensive luxury yachts called the Eclipse and

Lurssen mega yachts owned by the ultra-rich:

Roman Abramovich's $300 million Pelorus yacht, Alisher Usmanov’s $256 million Dilbar yacht, Qaboos bin said al, the Sultan of Oman, Eric Scmidt’s Oasis yacht, David Geffen’s Pelorus yacht amongst others.

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Image Credit: TheYachtPhoto

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