Most luxurious car care products for luxury cars

Andrea Divirgilio / April 13, 2012

Rich folks driving exotic luxury cars really don’t mind spending extra cash to keep their expensive vehicles in good shape. We have earlier told you about the luxury car services, including the most expensive car wash that can cost £7,200, to the exclusive auto spa treatments. And, for these wealthy auto lovers, Mitchell and King, a Scottish boutique that specializes in exotic and bespoke car care is offering world’s some of the most exclusive car care products available.

Mitchell and King luxury car care

Wholly blended in Scotland, every wax is decanted into a marble or crystal jar, and is displayed within a handcrafted timber enclosure and finally graced with a solid brass engraved plaque. Further, the wax even has waiting list of at-least 4 weeks in general and many of the house waxes are the limited productions. Waxes are organic and where possible, its ingredients are sourced locally, and the company also offers a blended and first approved luxury vegan car wax.

Mitchell and King luxury car care

Mitchell and King’s loyal clientele owes the products that are not being mass manufactured; rather they are poured on demand and the clients enjoy using exclusive waxes that have the ability to work in low temperatures as well. The company also adjusts levels of gloss, longevity, glass like and warmth dependent on what the customers’ wishes.

Mitchell and King luxury car care

Headquartered in Bearsden, Glasgow, Mitchell and king is basically a small boutique owned by R.P Johnstone that contracts a chemist and optics specialist for developing all exclusive wax formulas. The company believes that remaining at smaller size has allowed them to provide their clients an unrivalled personalized service. And, it’s one of the worlds only company where you can phone and can have a car wax tailored individually to your automobile.

But, that’s not it! Brough & Howarth, the vehicle appearance specialist company from London, offers a unique range of bespoke vehicle treatments and services for the world’s finest vehicles, including the world’s most expensive car wax.

Via: Mitchell and King

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