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Luxurious Submarine – Super Yacht for the Richest

Britney Scott / July 5, 2013

If you have heaps of money lying idle, then better put them in an investment that will leave you feeling like the “king or queen of the ocean”.   The Migaloo is the most luxurious and state-of-the-art “yacht-submarine hybrid” futuristic transportation that is named after the formidable albino humpback whale.  This yacht has been designed by an Austrian industrial design studio “Motion Code:  Blue” who wanted to satiate the desire of the uber rich for possessing a “unique boat”.  This huge “billionaire’s playtime toy”  is still at the conceptualization stage and it boasts of luxurious elements such as a helipad, cinema room, 8 meter swimming pool, six decks, gym, library and lounges.  We’re still not sure about what the price of this ultramodern “water transport” would be considering the fact that it would be finished off with pressure-proof glass and other ostentatious features that would up the price tag considerably.  Well, all said and done, there would be many buyers out there even if the price of this unique yacht is astronomically high!

In fact, this whale-sized yacht could even feature in a James Bond movie, which bears a dual character of both a yacht and a submarine- an extraordinary concept that audiences would be eager to see on the big screen.

The hull of the Migaloo is 11 meters wide, which is almost similar to the present-day submarines.  The tower has been customized in design and has been made wider and longer as it comprises of a light-flooded main space that leads to a wide stairwell as well as a round and centered elevator shaft.

The deck of the Migaloo is huge as it has spacious lounging areas, a bar, a helipad, a swimming pool and sun beds.  When the yacht is submerged, then the furniture on the deck is easily stored in the huge storage areas beneath the deck and the floor of the swimming pool rises up to the level of the main deck.  The Migaloo also has two hatches on either end that can be converted into massive beach terraces and provide access to the water.

The tower and the hull have large pressure-proof glass windows that give the guests a brilliant view of the ocean when the Migaloo is submerged in the sea, particularly with its spectacular underwater lights. The submarine-yacht is equipped with well-tested technologies to facilitate smooth navigation and communication

Motion Code:Blue stated that Migallo is the outcome of intensive research and the company’s exceptional experience in the yacht market.  There was an increasing demand from high-profile clients for stunning designs and special features for a futuristic dream yacht and the Migallo is an answer to that.  The innovative design of the Migallo is based on U.S. Navy submarines and is identical in dimensions as well and has the capacity of submerging up to a depth of 790 feet, providing an overwhelming charter yacht-cum-submarine experience and taking it to a different level altogether!

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