Luxurious Tropical Island Paradise superyacht enjoys a volcano-like superstructure
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Luxurious Tropical Island Paradise superyacht enjoys a volcano-like superstructure

Luxurious Tropical Island Paradise superyacht enjoys a volcano-like superstructure
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Tropical Island Paradise Superyacht

The uber-rich want everything that they own to stand out for some reason or the other, and customizations come into the picture then. With reference to yachts, we have earlier covered magnificent examples of design such as the Hanuman Concept yacht, and the Palmer Johnson Super-yacht which both brought forward all modern luxuries, and combined with the concept of eco friendly living. Taking a different turn altogether, Yacht Island Design, the house that earlier gave us the Streets of Monaco luxury yacht, has now come up with the 90-meter Tropical Island Paradise luxury yacht, which appears more to be a floating island.

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The Tropical Island Paradise yacht brings to life the ambience one could notice on most secluded islands in Polynesia, Indian Ocean or the get methotrexate Caribbean seas. The deck has been done up with a volcano (not functional), a beach with a swimming pool in the center, and live cabanas that one could notice on vacation islands. Going inside the artificial volcano, the other amenities on board can be accessed such as the suites and back area of the boat. For accommodation, there are 4 VIP suites apart from the owner’s suite on the top deck, which have access to private balconies and also the connected cabanas on the main deck. The owner’s suite on the other hand, is located on the upper deck, with its own private balcony and splendid view of the boat from a top angle. Other facilities on board include a cinema, gymnasium, spa and games room, and open air-air near the front deck. Also, an unique feature is the added ‘beach entrance’ located at the back of the boat, which can be used as an entry and exit point especially if one is interested in enjoying the splendors of water sports.

The outside of the yacht has been given a unique feel with the dual-tone white and aqua blue tones. The design is such that it resembles a scene one could see when waters clash against the shore of a typical beach. However, if one has other creative buy Colchicine ideas to add, the company allows its consumers to design their own floating island yacht which can be recreated in the form of a super-yacht. By the looks, one might think it to be a bit non-realistic, but the design of this traveling island stands out more than any of the run-of-the-mill designs which are common on modern day yachts. It would sure be a thing to watch and certainly buy, if converted to an actual model.

Via: SuperyachtDesign/Yacht Island Design

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