Luxurite launches the largest 82-inch outdoor TV for the luxury backyard

Andrea Divirgilio / July 30, 2010

waterproof tv legend08
The never-ending war of biggest LCD TV continues, this time in the outdoor TV range. And, Luxurite bags the crown with the launch of the Giant series 82-inch Glass TV, a two-way mirror with an LCD screen behind it. When the LCD is activated, you see the display. When it’s turned off, you see your reflection. The behemoth screen will feature 1080p resolution, 120,000:1 contrast ratio and a whopping 3 HDMI inputs. The weather-proof LCD is not yet available on the market, but you can get the giant series 82-inch Glass TV by Luxurite Customization Service.

luxurite mirror tv
Luxurite offers the glass monitors in 15-inch, 17-inch, 19-inch, 22-inch and 42-inch sizes. You can hang your flat LCD on the wall, or set it in the wall. So, gear up for the backyard party of the year, or install it in your bathroom and enjoy a luxury dip without sacrificing on your TV time!

Via: Luxurite

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