Luxury audio trends at CES
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Luxury audio trends at CES

Luxury audio trends at CES

The CES 2012 is over, but for the rest of the 2012 its now the time to keep a tab on which products make it to the market following their debut at the world’s biggest electronic tradeshow. For most of the gadget lovers CES was all about the ultrabooks, OLED TVs and consumer electronics, we were more impressed with the high-end audio gear including the luxury loudspeakers, subwoofers and amplifiers. The high-performance audio choices we have picked makes it clear that the trend in the hi-fi world is not just to go bigger with the sound but should also be aesthetically pleasing and boast hi-end craftsmanship; from limited edition wood cabinets to Italian lacquered finish, leather, and even diamonds portrays “better picture and better sound,” in a whole different way. So, for whom money is no object, take a look at our selection from high-end loudspeakers to high efficiency power amplifiers:-

Luxury audio trends

1) AllJack Diamond Speakers

AllJack diamond speakers

We have seen the most luxurious speakers till date, still AllJack wowed us with their state of the art stereo system. Alljack, a design center in Taiwan took their inspiration from a wine bottle and flower for this “most beautiful speakers.” The luxury make boasts a combination of materials including simulated wood grain, metal accents, red leather encrusted with zirconias. The surface is processed with gold plating and the speakers are available on pre-order for an estimated price of

SonicBlades from LiquidBase high fidelity speakers boast stunning looks with premium sound. The world's first glass plinth speaker combines an electrostatic sonic panel with conventional cone technology to deliver premium sound, and are one of the thinnest speaker panels on the market.

3) D-Premier


While the Sonicblade speakers are the thinnest speakers at CES, D-Premier is the slimline, wall-mountable, stereo preamplifier and stereo power amplifier in a single chassis fashioned from a single aluminum casting and polished to a high shine. The high-end amplifier can wirelessly stream all your digital audio files with the lowest signal distortion and reportedly, it boasts the best signal-to-noise ratio of any amp component available on the market.

4) Verity Audio Lohengrin II Loudspeakers

Lohengrin II

Lohengrin II is a non-compromising speaker design from Verity audio with each component built in-house, including all drive units and the unique pure ribbon and proprietary transducers using state-of-the-art technologies. Beautifully crafted and finished with exquisite Italian lacquer the speakers are a force to reckon with. The loudspeakers boast a hi-end price tag as well at $99,864.

Besides, we have also told you about the HiVi 2.3BHT Swan floor standing home theater speakers and the Dream 360 Reference speaker set also unveiled at CES.

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