One-off luxury bicycle by jeweller Nicholas James is leather-clad with real diamonds

Andrea Divirgilio / June 2, 2012

Unafraid to pioneer new styles, Nicholas James, an exemplary award-winning contemporary jewelry designer born of a lifelong passion for diamonds, which has earlier impressed us with its diamond-studded titanium bike, has now joined forces with Harcourt Design, a specialist leather design and interiors company to present their love for bicycle by crafting one-off luxury bicycle dubbed as Brogue. Described to be an immaculate, hand-stitched leather-clad 1970s Triumph 531 frame, this two-wheeled luxury wonder comes complete with matching saddle bag and individually woven leather handlebar grips.

One-off luxury bicycle by jeweller Nicholas James

Originally, it all started when Simon Harcourt of Harcourt Design, a master craftsman who knows leather showed his leather-clad bike to Nick Fitch, designer and founder of Nicholas James. The moment Nick looked at the bike; he was smitten with the idea that Nicholas James will lift the bike further with some pain-staking diamond detailing. Simon just loved this idea, and both started work for making it a one-off luxury bicycle.

One-off luxury bicycle by jeweller Nicholas James

Nick worked to adorn the handlebar ends with sterling Silver with each of which have been set with natural brown diamonds to match the bicycle’s mid-tone of the Italian vegetable-tanned brown leather. Also, Nicholas James created a pair of diamond set Conway buckles casted in sterling silver for the saddle bag on the rear. And, with punched, strewed hallmarks and immaculate polish; the exclusive bejeweled adornments completes the bike perfectly, while demonstrating the detailing, skill, imagination and exclusive creative flair invested in Brogue.

One-off luxury bicycle by jeweller Nicholas James

All of the components of one-off Brogue’s were completely configured and fitted in the workshops of Harcourt Design. Also, at the London May 2012 Tweed Run, the bejeweled Brogue attracted the attention of many of the people dressed in some of the traditional tweeds and riding a plethora of bikes.

One-off luxury bicycle by jeweller Nicholas James

On display at Nicholas James’ Hatton Garden showroom located in London’s famous jewelry quarter, the Brogue is available for sale at a retailing price of $38,350.

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Via: WonderBerry

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