Luxury brands mobile apps are attracting the rich to shop online
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Luxury brands mobile apps are attracting the rich to shop online

Luxury brands mobile apps are attracting the rich to shop online

The global luxury landscape and luxury consumer have evolved dramatically over the last transformative two years; it has led to the advent of new technical innovations as the today’s tech-savvy consumer demands honest, accurate, timely and engaging information. The digital has taken flight, revolutionizing traditional marketing and transforming it into customer engagement; and the smart, tuned-in affluent consumer is at the forefront of this revolution. The consumer is a moving target these days, and luxury brands have to engage them while they are out in their world. For the consumer engagement, luxury brands must acknowledge the impact of technical advancements in the mobile space and find a humanistic way to connect and engage with their typically fit younger, affluent consumers through mobile.

Luxury brands with mobile apps

The upscale brands which used to make its sales by luring its high-heeled customers into its opulent, carefully controlled environments, can no longer afford to say that ignoring the tech-revolution is a luxury. In the recent times, consumers have a desire to be digitally connected, a passion they expect their favorite brands to share. Considering this, luxury players are making their mark in the mobile space by developing mobile applications that are engaging, entertaining, and informing to a multitude of affluent consumers. As in other e-pursuits, from reading the news to playing Angry Birds, app has become the primary conduit of sales also.

This trend is further highlighted by the recent study ‘Mobile App and Commerce for Luxury Brands’, a survey done by New York City based Luxury Institute in collaboration with Plastic Mobile to understand the reason why wealthy American consumers favor and feel more connected to luxury brands offering a mobile app.

So far, many of the luxury brands are offering its mobile apps geared towards showcasing luxury products, and reaching millions of consumers internationally. Here, we have listed some of best luxury brand apps that get frequently downloaded by the wealthy consumers.

1. Mercedes

Mercedes mobile app

Providing an easy way to connect with your favorite Mercedes-Benz, the mbrace mobile application enables the user to access select services remotely using a compatible iPhone or Android smartphone. The App offers the user with features like remote door lock and unlock, vehicle finder, Mercedes-Benz Concierge, roadside assistance and all more, all at their fingertips. The company has also released the successor to its telematics system, mbrace2, which is a second generation application that focuses heavily on adding social media into the mix with app support like Twitter, Facebook and Yelp.

2. Gucci

Gucci mobile app

This season, the Italian fashion brand Gucci has been gearing up with all the trendy and high-tech marketing strategies to lure its affluent clients. Gucci now offers its Gucci App for iPhone and iPod touch; the app synthesizes the worlds of fashion, technology and music, offering Gucci enthusiasts an access to exclusive Gucci products, videos, play-lists, fashion shows, latest collections and store listings. Further, the launch of Gucci App has been timed to coincide with the itinerant GUCCI ICON-TEMPORARY project, a travelling sneaker store.

3. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton mobile app

The French fashion house Louis Vuitton offers its iPhone app for travelers called Amble. The App makes use of the company’s city guide information to provide guidance to any number of locations of interest. There’s also a social element as weel, it allows the user to share and browse locations sent across through social networking sites or from friends. However, the App itself is free; making it the cheapest the brand has ever produced. According to the company, Amble is "an invitation to explore the world at a leisurely pace [and] make serendipitous discoveries.”

4. Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue mobile app

Saks Fifth Avenue provides the consumers its shopping application for the iPad, allowing customers to create wish-lists that can be shared through e-mail, or social networking sites. The App is designed to make the shopping experience more enjoyable, enabling customers to browse, search and buy products from Saks’ complete line of fashion, beauty, jewelry and home products.

5. Gilt Groupe

Gilt Groupe mobile app, the innovative online shopping website based in United States, has recently offered its customers its mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android along with its mobile website which is now available to worldwide users. The customers can download the apps from the company’s website or from the apple’s iTunes store. The app allows the consumers to preview, browse and purchase their favorite Gilt products from almost all the mobile and tablet devices. The company has also partnered with FiftyOne Global Ecommerce to drive the entire international ecommerce.

6. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana mobile app

Italian luxury industry fashion house embraces fashion-forward concepts via its iPhone application that provides the tech-savvy consumers a wholly new mobile experience combining a fashion-oriented interface with a selection of branded content. Available in Apple’s App Store, the ‘Dolce & Gabbana’ app is brand’s second iPhone application initiative. The brand is implementing mobile as a means to ‘follow users in their real life.’

7. H&M

H&M mobile app

Fashion retailer H&M’s iPhone application made its debut on Apple’s App Store, some two years ago. The app however, doesn’t allow the user to buy the product, but it allows them to see what’s currently in store. The app will also represents the retailers marketing campaigns, news and offers along with find your nearest store and Facebook sharing feature.

8. Sotheby’s

Sotheby's mobile app

The world’s renowned auctioneers of fine and decorative art, jewelry and collectibles, Sotheby’s offers the collectors its application for the iPhone and iPad, which is available for free on Apple’s App Store. It enables the collectors and auction enthusiasts to participate in the online sales. With an aim to enhance the client’s auction experience online, the company also looks forward to release further updates of the application.

9. Cartier

Cartier mobile app

Cartier, an exclusive French jewelry house joined the mobile space last year with the launch of an application that will allow prospective brides to design their rings online. However, to seal the deals, the consumer has to buy the items in an old fashioned way, from the exclusive Cartier stores. The app users are provided a choice of engagement or wedding bands, and are then led to a page with various Cartier styles, and the rings can also be viewed in close-ups from different angles.

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