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Luxury Cave Hotel in China

Devon / August 6, 2013

China is all set to construct a luxury hotel resort nestled within a 100 feet-high rock-face of an abandoned and inundated quarry situated in the Songjiang District located at the bottom of the Tianmensham Mountain.


The design is conceptualized in such a manner that a huge waterfall shall cascade from the roof of the 19-floor high hotel complex, which will have part of its foundation sculpted into the cave and two of its floors submerged beneath the water and the remaining 17 stories will be built into the walls of the quarry towering over the hollow lake. British firm Atkins has won the bidding wars for securing the construction of this architectural splendour. The Songjiang Hotel as it has been named shall also boast of an extreme-sports facility, which shall be planked over the quarry, offering adventure enthusiasts options like rock climbing and bungee jumping, and there will also be an submerged restaurant facing a ten-meter deep aquarium.

After completion, the hotel will house around 400 rooms, including conference facilities capable of accommodating up to 1000 people, a banquet hall, eateries, bistros and cafes, a swimming pool and a water-sports center. The pair of underwater floors will have an aquarium with glass walls that face-off onto an underwater restaurant and guest rooms.

The building will use geothermal power mechanisms to produce its own electrical energy and lights, while greenery shall layer the roofs that shall extend just two storeys above the periphery of the quarry. The roof of the hotel will rise only be 15 m above the cave. The idea is to take maximum advantage of this unique land-form to create a hanging garden in the air. Visitors will also have the luxury of viewing the hundred-foot high waterfall from their hotel room windows.

The hotel forms part of the larger scheme to build the Shimao Shanghai Wonderland, an extensive theme park being constructed by the Shimao Group in association with Inter-Continental group of hotels. Sustainability will be one of the key factors essential to Atkins’ design of this unique resort.

It is manifested through a walkway above the lake through which guests will enter the hotel complex through a sun-lit internal which integrates the vacant rock face, with its waterfalls and green foliage. With so much of grandeur involved, the $529 million Songjiang Cave Hotel is expected to take around three years to build and guests could be staying in the resort by 2015 – with rooms likely to cost upwards of $300 a night.



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