Luxury Chocolate Tourism: Delivered to you by City Delights
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Luxury Chocolate Tourism: Delivered to you by City Delights

Luxury Chocolate Tourism: Delivered to you by City Delights
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The $100 billion global chocolate and culinary tourism industries are being collided together by City Delights with their creation, ‘Chocolate Tourism: Delivered to you’. The revolutionary concept of City Delights is to capture the experience of tasting the very best local hand-made chocolates, without having to travel to the country and tiresomely search all around the city. City Delights is renowned as the quintessential host for the finest luxury hand-made chocolates because they make authentic themed collections of the best hand made chocolates from around the world, focusing on major cities for each region. Previously reserved for only the most discerning connoisseurs who have the leisure time and wealth to discover all of each chocolatier’s creations, providing you a myriad of choice. For each Collection, City Delights choose the signature proven bestselling recipe from six established master chocolatiers and create a story which connects them together, representing the culture of that region.   This is a collection of brands in one box which features the authentic high quality business owners who have been working over generations to perfect their individual traditional recipes that people wish to find and experience.  This ‘collective experience’ represents the evolution of the chocolate industry to the next level of sophisticated and cultured enjoyment. Millions of people choose to travel every year to experience the culture, lifestyle and nightlife of exciting and exotic cities.  One of the most intriguing aspects of this exploration is experiencing foreign food, making culinary tourism an important driving force motivating people to travel the world searching for new experiences. Many people agree that the most enjoyable of foods are sweets and desserts, with chocolate dishes leading the way.  Chocolate is a subtle representative of a city’s culture and defines how people enjoy the best of life’s little pleasures.  We all love chocolate and it is fascinating to see how different cultures express their individual styles using their own ingredients and recipes. City Delights wanted to capture the experience of tasting the very best hand made chocolates without having to travel to the country and search all around the city.  To achieve this they have brought together the bestselling signature recipes from celebrated master chocolatiers for each of their Collections. Importing chocolates is a sophisticated way to show guests how important they are to the host. It says a great deal about who you are and what you value to know which chocolates to choose for the centerpiece of an occasion, or to give as a carefully considered gift. Imagine how your loved one or business partner would react when you surprise them with a collection of the best chocolates from London, New York or Tokyo?  City Delights achieves this experience in a way never seen before and makes it easily accessible by delivering their classy and beautiful boxes directly to you.  

This is what they call ‘Chocolate Tourism: Delivered to you.

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The City Delights London and New York Collections have been recognized and welcomed as perfect ‘edible flag’ gifts by influential and powerful people, including the British and US Governments, British and European Royalty and leading blue chip corporates. Their flagship London Collection has been proudly served at prestigious events such as the Royal Baby Shower hosted by the St George’s Society and the British Consulate in New York, the UnGrounded delegation to the G8 Summit and United Nations, and several other high profile and exclusive events, including ceremonial dinners for the Duchess of Oldenburg and other members of European Royalty, receptions for Government Ministers and Ambassadors, and C-level executives of prestigious UK and US companies, including British Airways, Molton Brown and Ted Baker. The City Delights London Collection has been described as the perfect British gift.  They have used our expertise to bring together the signature recipes from six award-winning master chocolatiers in a way that captures the collective experience of enjoying British culture and heritage.  It is perfect for people seeking high quality gifts, especially tourists and British corporates.

They created their product because their research showed that there is a lack of traditional, homegrown British long-life luxury food products which represent the best of British culture, heritage and quality that are suitable to give as high quality gifts, and to use for corporate and political exchanges to build relationships and international connections. To help solve this, they have created a product that is designed as a ‘safe choice’ gift that guarantees a positive response.  It is perfect for discerning people to give to friends and family wherever they are in the world; to celebrate all kinds of special occasions; and also for individuals and corporates to gain personal, business and political favour in a classy and elegant way. All their chocolates are proven bestsellers over decades with sales of more than a million pieces to both British people and tourists alike in premium UK retailers including Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty's, John Lewis and their own boutique shops and websites.  Each recipe represents a different aspect of British culture and together the Collection tells the fascinating story of London. They have carefully selected the recipes on a strong British and Royal theme, including the quintessentially English Rose and Violet creams; the delicious Salted Caramel from Barry Colenso, the master chocolatier who helped the McVitie’s Cake Company produce the delicate decorations used on the cake made for the Royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Strawberries & Cream for Wimbledon; the Ginger Rush which represents the British Empire’s rich trading heritage; and the Nostalgic Honeycomb, an English delicacy reminiscent of a summer’s day and loved the world over. Their classy, understated box features the iconic Houses of Parliament which are instantly recognizable as representing the best of British culture.  To complement the box, they have created a revolutionary golden ‘Presentation Crowns’ tray design.  Every chocolate deserves appropriate space in this impeccable collection. Each one is presented atop its own majestic City Delights crown. The efficiently lavish array of crowns has been designed to make selecting your preferred individual chocolate a delightfully pleasant and graceful experience. The City Delights London Collection has been honoured to be chosen as the chocolates for the official Royal Baby category of the Visit Britain online shop and will be available in Britain and in the premium department stores of London, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles this autumn, along with the New York and San Francisco Collections.  They can all be ordered for worldwide delivery directly from their website.

With their chocolate Collections City Delights wish to bring people around the world closer together, to increase appreciation and understanding of different cultures and backgrounds through the enjoyment of chocolate recipes but without the need to travel. The City Delights New York Collection features the majestic Empire State Building and encourages people to be inspired by New York’s ambition and passion for life through this authentic collection of the finest luxury chocolates. It is a masterpiece of best-selling hand-made recipes from six acclaimed chocolatiers.  Each flavour in the City Delights New York Collection contributes to the story of the people who came to the city, had a vision and built something extraordinary that most wish to be a part of. Every major city deserves to have a City Delights Collection that can be used as an ‘edible flag’ representing each city and its culture, and creating a gift to give to foreign and native people alike. This is the next level of culinary tourism. Relationships between people are also at the core of doing business, domestic and international political relations, and the appreciation of foreign cultures. Showing that we care about people on a personal level helps build and enhance these relationships. The US Ambassador Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis was touched to be given a box of the City Delights London Collection.

City Delights is a perfect reciprocal gift between two dignitaries or C-level executives to show mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s cultures. The British and American governments are using City Delights in their Embassies to build relationships their respective countries help promote the Collections as both exports and imports between respective regions.  And national corporates are following suit to enhance their commercial standings. ‘Chocolate Tourism: Delivered to you’ is becoming a global phenomenon because people enjoy & appreciate experiencing each other’s cultures and traditions by eating their delicious food, whilst keeping their own identities intact. The concept has been especially welcomed because it reverses the trend of our modern globalized world towards a bland monoculture. To discover more about their story and experience the Collections for yourself please visit them at Their flagship 18 piece ‘Event’ size is perfect for special occasions, parties, conferences and dinners.  Depending on the outlet it retails at around $45. The 12 piece ‘Exclusive’ size is ideal for smaller gatherings, celebrations, and family events.  Priced around $35. They also have the 6 piece ‘Personal’ size which is designed to be given as an ideal gift to individuals for around $25. muscle relaxants, can you buy baclofen online , can i take baclofen with tramadol -
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