Luxury Coffee Game Tables from Geoffrey Parker

Andrea Divirgilio / January 28, 2009

automotive leather coffee game table UJ2rK 52

Whether you are a board games champion or have never played the game, there is no denying to the fact that gaming coffee tables are something that tickles the child within you. The incredible work of art from the world’s finest games and gifts manufacturer, Geoffrey Parker, compels us to spend a few more hours on the table playing backgammon or chess. The new range of coffee tables that come in both, leather and beautiful wood finishes, feature built-in luxury backgammon and chess sets hidden inside the concealed compartment in the center of each table. The coffee table pictured above is the luxury Automotive Leather Coffee Game Table in automotive leather veneer with stainless steel casing on the edges and around the tray. The table comes with inlaid leather backgammon tray featuring a billiard cloth playing card panel on the reverse and reversible inlaid leather chessboard/table-top.

automotive leather coffee game table 1 WgviL 52
On the other hand, the Ebony veneered Coffee Game Table features the same board games except beautiful ebony finishing.
ebony veneered coffee game table mK2lU 52ebony veneered coffee game table 2 teoc1 52
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