Luxury doghouses custom built for the world’s most loved dogs
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Luxury doghouses custom built for the world’s most loved dogs

Luxury doghouses custom built for the world’s most loved dogs

Luxury doghouse business is now more popular than ever. Architects and home builders have started referring the process of doghouse design as ‘barkitecture’, and donate their creations to charity auctions to raise money for animal shelters. Even the designers say they love designing doghouses as they are small and fun, allowing lots of room for creativity. And, it has also been found that some of the affluent dog owners love to have a replica of their house for their lovable dogs to live in; their homes are becoming more like second homes as they’re now increasingly considered as part of their family. Over the times, we have seen some of the extravagant and luxurious doghouses like the Victorian cozy cottage kennel doghouse designed for the uber-rich fashion conscious dog lover, the crystal studded Hello Kitty doghouse, besides the designer travel doghouse to erectile dysfunction carry your dog in style. Now, we’ll see some of the custom, modernist and one-off designer doghouses examples like the Rachel Hunter’s showpiece doghouse, the [Sub]urban doghouse, the colonial style doghouse, the eco-doghouse, and the doghouse with small luxury pool.

Luxury doghouses suited for the world’s most loved dogs

New Zealand born supermodel and actress Rachel Hunter commissioned the replica of her Mediterranean-style house in the Los Angeles area from Michelle Pollak, an interior designer who creates doghouses under the name La petite Maison. Pollak built this luxury doghouse more than a decade ago and reportedly charged a handsome Indocin online price of $16,000. This custom doghouse has handmade roof tiles, wrought-iron details, a terra cotta floor and walls sporting dog-themed artwork.

Rachel Hunter's luxury doghouse

Another custom doghouse built by La petite Maison is the Colonial-style doghouse which actually matches buy baclofen medication online in new zealand. baclofen is used for treating spasm of skeletal muscles, muscle clonus, cramping of muscles, rigidity, spinal  a mansion in the Denver area.

The Colonial-style doghouse

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Developed by an architecture student named Pickard, the (Sub)urban doghouse is a modernist doghouse order Levitra online greatly inspired by the work of renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta. Pickard along with his two fellow students designed this impressive doghouse as an architecture exercise and gave it to Mr. Pickard’s parents for their Labrador named Nash.

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The (Sub)urban doghouse

This doghouse has even got an incorporated luxury mini pool with blue ceramic, allowing the lovable dog to enjoy the pool and drink all the water he wants. Featuring a baclofen and overnight # order prescription free baclofen - order baclofen cod # order baclofen overnight cod baclofen purchase prednisone no prescription – buy prednisolone eye drops buy prednisone for cats online – prednisone for sale prednisone without prescription . patio to patio door that always remains open and a front main door with a locker option to keep the dog inside his house; this doghouse is

Via: NYTimes

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