Luxury first edition books for collectors
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Luxury first edition books for collectors

Luxury first edition books for collectors

With the electronic age set for good, the paper books have now been limited to a collection on bookshelves mainly. For some however, this has become a new avenue of investing their cash, like we had seen in the case of the

Casino Royale, 1st edition

Author: Ian Fleming

Year of publishing: 1953

Price: $54,801 (£36,000)

Ian Fleming's Casino Royale 1st edition

A book that was set to become one of the most popular across the world, for being made into movies featuring British spy James Bond, this particular copy on sale is one from the first set of published books in the market in 1953. From then till date, only 3,000 of these original copies are known to exist, and this piece has much of the originality in tact. Though minor restoration has helped the cause greatly, the original cloth cover has been in prime condition and comes with the original dust wrapper with minor rubbings. Ian Fleming's other books were also part of Christie's 50 Years of James Bond auction, including the first edition of "From Russia With Love" and Dr. No book.

Ulysses, 1st edition

Author: James Joyce

Year of publishing: 1922

Price: $45,667 (

One of the most noted landmarks in modern literature, James Joyce's Ulysses became known for being a detailed and foregrounded account on the thinking process. It was serialized in parts in the American journal called 'The Little Review' from the period March 1918 to December 1920. Later in 1922, the book was published in entirety by Sylvia Beach, a copy of which remains from the 1st published version of the book. In fact there are a few copies available from the lot including this one, with some being priced even higher. This 265,000 worded book details out a journey of Leopold Bloom from 16th June, 1904, a date which later came to be celebrated as 'Bloomsday'. It details out a parallel sketch of the character with that in Homer's magnum opus poem 'Odyssey'.

The Great Gatsby, 1st edition

Author: F Scott Fitzgerald

Year of publishing: 1925

Price: $190,281 (£125,000)

The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald

After World War I got over, the decade of the 1920's saw a lot of prosperity in the United States. The story chronicled in 'The Great Gatsby' happens to be set in the era, and then came out as a novel from F Scott Fitzgerald in 1925. His had started planning for writing the book by 1922, Great Neck, Long Island where the author had settled in and eventually finished it the following year in 1923, during his stay in the French Riviera. However, the sellers of the book have multiples copies of the first edition which differ with price, the lowest being $137,002 (£90,000), all depending upon the condition of the copy.

Other than great pieces of literature, the collectors have also been known to be addicts of various comic books. The most expensive comic books on auction, documents some of these rare copies of comic books, now cherished for their historical beginnings.

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