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Luxury genes – Know thyself for $350,000

Andrea Divirgilio / December 21, 2007

knome dna
What say about buying a reading of your entire DNA code to know yourself in a better way. Well, for a cool $350,000, a firm in Cambridge called Knome (pronounced “gnome”) is offering whole-genome sequencing to individuals. Some other companies, including Google’s 23andMe, Iceland’s Decode Genetics and Navigenics of Redwood Shores, have already given consumers a glimpse of their genes for prices ranging from $985 to $2,500. But, the low-budget products sample just million common gene variations while Knome claims to look at all 3 billion letter pairs in a person’s genome in a short span of time. The DNA readings will let you find out what diseases you are prone to or what your family tree actually looks like. But, it’s a game of the affluent. Knome will entertain only 20 individuals who are willing to shell out $350,000 for the privilege. How about buying and gifting your truly self-obsessed friend a reading of his entire DNA code?

via Forbes

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