Luxury Gifts for Friends & Family
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Luxury Gifts for Friends & Family

Luxury Gifts for Friends & Family

Those who have rich taste themselves can’t seem to lower the bar when it comes to pampering the near and dear ones. So, for those who values the memories more than the price tag, we have handpicked few best gifts to take the gifting culture forward. From champagne cooler from Linley to handsome smoke pipes for the choosy ones and from a hi-tech alpine sled to a beautiful bike for the outdoor person; we have it all in our gift list. Take your pick!

Luxury Gifts for Friends & Family

1). Jean-Philippe Delhomme gift box

Price: $52

Jean-Philippe Delhomme gift box

This new gift box comes decorated with a deliciously risqué design by French illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme, an internationally recognized illustrator and animation director, and is just perfect to house Pierre Hermé’s limited-editional macaroons. This newly launched addition to his gift-box collection can be filled with any combination of 16 meringue-based delights. (PierreHerme)

2). Leica Ultravid BL Edition binoculars

Price: $1,040

Leica Ultravid BL Edition binoculars

Available in two sizes, the Leica Ultravid BL Edition binoculars camera comes in calfskin with ostrich-style embossed pattern. These HD binoculars boast AquaDura coating technology, improved prism coating technology and shock-absorbent rubber armoring. (Leica)

3). Tumi portable projector

Price: $1,110

Tumi portable projector

Luxury luggage company Tumi which recently revealed its high calibre bulletproof briefcase how now created a portable projector, which comes with tripod, remote control, AC adaptor, USB cable and video cable. (Tumi)

4). Snolo Stealth-X

Price: $3,000

Snolo Stealth-X

After almost 6 years of engineering, an aerodynamic carbon fiber sled is now going to revolutionize the snow sport, as Snolo, a manufacturer of high-performance alpine sled is taking sledding to a new level with its Stealth-X. Designed to enable you lean into corners like a motorcycle while sitting ina race car position, the Stealth-X, which can also be folded or broken up into smaller components rides at a top speed of 40mph. (Snolo)

5). Restoration Hardware Foosball Table

Price: $3,995

Restoration Hardware Foosball Table

Enduringly crafted in Spain from electropolished stainless steel and durable iroko wood, this foosball table promises to become family’s favorite for years to come. Its handsome design and minimalist palette impressively lend it uncommon sophistication while its special electropolished stainless steel makes it rugged enough for outdoor use. Notably, its levelers keep it pitch perfect on uneven surfaces like tile and grass. (RestorationHardware)

6). Van Heesch Copper Bicycle

Price: $6,000

Van Heesch Copper Bicycle

Designer Bart Van Heesch used the archetypal bike, a model which hasn’t changed for 100 years and which is still the best city bike in Holland o design the ‘copper bike’.

Van Heesch Copper Bicycle

The bike got a sturdy design which means nothing will be broken, and it is then it’s easy to repair. All parts of the bike are copper plated which means the bike will become more beautiful with age. (VanHeesch)

Van Heesch Copper Bicycle

7). Linley Silver Champagne Cooler

Price: $8,000

Linley Silver Champagne Cooler

Large enough to cool 4 bottles of champagne, this beautiful silver champagne cooler in a classic design by Linley is truly a must-have item for those discerning individuals who enjoy drinking finest champagnes in style. (DavidLinley)

8). Stiff Smoke Pipes

Price: NA

Stiff Smoke Pipes

With an idea attract a new generation of pipe smokers, and to give the existing smokers an object they were proud to puff in public, the Swedish pipemaker Stiff has now created beautiful and functional smoke pipes to give a whole fresh new look to an age-old habit.

Stiff Smoke Pipes

The Stiff pipes are available in three colors; blue and dark navy," "red and murray," and "black and pistachio." Notably, Stiff has developed the world’s first plastic pipe cast in one piece using polished thermo plastic equipped with a briar wood tobacco chamber.(Stiff)

9). Tumi and Ketel One Mixology set

Price: NA

Tumi and Ketel One Mixology set

Recognized as the world's leading brand of luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories, the luxury luggage company Tumi has now teamed Ketel One Vodka to make holiday travels a bit easier to get through. Actually, the two brands are introducing a luxe Mixology Set, which is a limited-edition case skillfully crafted by hand in Italy with the finest Italian leather, nickel hardware and Poplar wood for the ultimate portable cocktail experience.(Tumi)

10). Johnnie Walker Blue Label limited edition collection design by Porsche Design Studio

Price: NA

Johnnie Walker Blue Label limited edition collection design by Porsche Design Studio

A highly successful collaboration for noted liquor brand Johnnie Walker with Porsche Design Studio now continues into its second iteration with the release of Johnnie Walker Blue Label limited edition collection design by Porsche Design Studio, which is a range of highly covetable items and exclusive gifts celebrating game-changing moments. There are five items in the Collection, which all feature the iconic Johnnie Walker signature slanted label, inspiring the distinctive design that has become synonymous to the Collection’s design ethos. (JohnnieWalker)

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