Luxury Gifts for Home
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Luxury Gifts for Home

Luxury Gifts for Home

Shopping for luxury homes isn’t an easy task even when money is not the criteria. The well-heeled love to decorate their homes with art and artifacts collected from around the world. But our gift ideas for home will make it easy to pull off if you are looking to buy something that cheap Viagra Gold syncs with the interiors of the finest homes. From table top accessories to furniture for your kitchen, living room and pool, we have suggestions for every corner of your home. So, take your pick.

Gifts for Home

1). Fernando and Humberto Campana's Mongolian Lamb Anhanguera sofa

Price: $193,000

Fernando and Humberto Campana's $193,000 Mongolian Lamb Anhanguera sofa

Widely known for crafting elitist products using the ordinary ‘waste’ materials, and transforming everyday objects, the Brazilian design duo Fernando Campana and Humberto Campana, the Campana Brothers offers the limited Buy Kamagra edition $193,000 Mongolian Lamb

With a mission to deliver the best sleep to its discerning clients, the Sweden’s oldest and leading manufacturer of hand-crafted luxury beds and bedding Hästens offers the luxurious and the world’s most exclusive bed ‘The Vividus’. Handcrafted with the finest natural materials, offering more restorative and rejuvenating sleep, the bespoke Vividus which has been designed to be the bed of your dreams, takes around 140-160 hours to complete by Hastens skilled craftsmen.

Hastens Vividus - The world's most exclusive bed

Notably, the Hastens’ entirely handcrafted ‘Vividus’ bed diflucan lexapro interaction buy diflucan online was also incorporated by

Renowned for producing truly beautiful fridges that complement a stylish home, the Italian fridge makers, Meneghini offers a three-door version of its Meneghini La Cambusa ice-chest which has a varying internal layout and can be customized to suit individual needs. Starting from $26,270, the all-in-one refrigerator unit can be custom-fitted with a range of kitchen appliances besides the standard fridge and freezer including coffee maker, fitted pantry, double pantry, ice-maker, microwave oven, steam oven and multi-function oven. Notably, all of the Meneghini fridges boast solid wood structure and handles and hinges in natural brushed or chromed brass.

Meneghini three-door La Cambusa refrigerator

The fitted pantry in the upper part has 4 spaces, while the lower part has a sliding level with a capacity of find where to buy fluoxetine pills online - how to purchase your fluoxetine medication - best on-line drugstores - trustworthy and reliable stores. purchase fucidin 100 kg for cases of water and soft drinks, one drawer for wines and spirits and 2 small door shelves. The three-door state-of-the-art fridge will cost around $41,500. (

A young Italian design company Acquaefuoco that is noted for creating objects that, in additions to the function, provide intense emotions and create a pleasant atmosphere of well being and relaxation for all places of accommodation offers buy Promethasin the Tube, a bioethanol fireplace which makes for a beautifully modern outdoor fireplace. Its long tubular shape is elegant and the curvy line of the opening creates interest that mimic the dance of flames.

Tube Outdoor Bioethanol Fireplace by Acquaefuoco

Also, Acquaefuoco Wellness Mood provides one of these wall mounted beauties, and in series too, which can also be used indoors. The Tube’s structure is made of a powder varnished steel tube and a circular burner. (Acquaefuoco)

5). Swarovski crystal Studded Jewelry cushions

Price: NA

Swarovski crystal Studded Jewelry cushions

These hand-crafted home furnishing jewelry cushions by UK-based Hédoné Interiors has been especially designed to add the buy prozac online without prescription , prozac from canadian pharmacy, buy prozac online no prescription , prozac price, prozac over the counter, rx free final touch of glamour to the world’s most expensive homes.

Swarovski crystal Studded Jewelry cushions

Committed to produce absolutely the finest, most realistic indoor putting green in the world ever since its formation back in 1989, the company DreamGreen, now offers the custom-made two-cup indoor putting green which is the ultimate accoutrement for any golf lover. Used by PGA Tour professionals, the world’s leading golf instructors, and keen amateurs eager to improve their game, it’s available in 6-beautiful hardwoods, it features more than one million combinations of breaks and uphill-downhill putts, and includes two flags, four sidesteps and a matching putter rack. (Dream Green)

7). Waterproof Pool Table

Price: $6,500

Waterproof Pool Table

With the waterproof pool table, one can now play pool while being in a pool. A must-have for pool recreation, these custom made water cheapest prices pharmacy. buy zoloft singapore . cheapest rates, generic or brand zoloft. proof pool tables has been crafted from finest quality materials for everyday outdoor usage.

Waterproof Pool Table

The table is custom built to fit to the desired pool and composed of a striking white frame, complimented by t, hydroxyzine 25, hydroxyzine 25mg, buy hydroxyzine online, cheap hydroxyzine. buy atarax online a vibrant red waterproof cloth. (

An artist by education, the French design star Pierre Charpin whose devotion to the design of furniture and objects dates from beginning of the 1990’s, and has worked for Alessi, Ligne Roset and Venini, has now refashioned an early-20th-century bedside carafe as a triple-layered crystal object d’art. Mr. Charpin created 2 celestial-inspired versions; La Filante and La Comète. Measuring 7-inches tall and priced at $5,800 each, both of these celestial inspired pours are handblown and hand-cut in triple-cased glass, with a base of clear crystal topped by cobalt blue glass and white enamel. (PierreCharpin)

9). Marshall Amp Fridge

Price: $300

Marshall Amp Fridge

The coolest icon in music just got cooler; here’s the fridge shaped like a Marshall Amp, the Marshal Amp Fridge impressively combines the diverse functionalities of an amplifier and a mini-cooler. Measuring 4.4 cubic feet in size, this cool fridge offers 125 liters capacity which is ample enough to keep chilled beers, ice trays and other beverage bottles in considerable numbers. However, its front panel works as the amplifier control center, offering all functionalities on display, including multiple knobs, which are to be tweaked as per preference.

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