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Most expensive luxury glass sculpture inspired by Yves Klein’s work up for grabs at Harrods

Andrea Divirgilio / March 9, 2011

main pic For all art lovers, an exclusive glass sculpture encouraged by France’s most expensive post-war artist, Yves Klein’s glass sculpture is up for sale not in an art gallery but the Lalique (top right image) department at Harrods. At a recent auction, Klein became prominent for his IKB monochrome paintings that fetched him $25 million. While he was alive he was never able to make an edition, but after his death his widow produced an edition of 225, cast in synthetic resin and painted with the IKB pigment in 1973. They sold out priced at £300 within six months. A same line of edition was sold last year at auction in Paris for £83,000. Klein’s widow is married to Daniel Moquay, the president of the Yves Klein Foundation who has approved the new version, to be made by Lalique’s craftsmen in an edition of 83, is priced at £75,000. Daniel Moquay says “It is not a copy, it is a reinterpretation in the spirit of Yves Klein.” “But it won’t be included in the artist’s catalogue raisonné. It is 100 percent Lalique.” La Victoire de Samothrace (the sculpture) is a blue crystal version which is a replica of an relic that Klein obtained in the Louvre museum’s shop in 1960 with the aim of making a number of carvings from its mold. He wanted to use the trademark “IKB” (International Klein Blue) pigment. The estimation of the original piece was somewhere between $70,000-90,000 and sold at $85,000. Whereas the new version made by Lalique’s craftsmen in an edition of 83, is priced at £75,000. Via: Phillipsdepury /Telegraph

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