Luxury iPhone Leather Cases
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Luxury iPhone Leather Cases

Luxury iPhone Leather Cases

Luxury leather iPhone

iPhone has revolutionized the trends of digital world and has also added the grace and elegance to its owners. Now, it's up to the possessors to maintain the sanctity of this exuberant gizmo by complementing it with the sophisticated accessories. If a fashion-conscious person possesses an iPhone then he/she definitely would want a stylish case to go with it. Fashion designers are making their mark in the cell phone world by rolling out high fashion accessories for buy Lasix online iPhone. To match with the opulence of this device, many brands are flaunting swanky iPhone cases, which not only act as a protective shield for the gadget but are also vital for the ornamentation of it. Have a look:

1. Noreve iPhone case

Luxury leather iPhone

Price: $14,990

This iPhone case is for people who like the elegance order lioresal , cost of baclofen pump without insurance similares lioresal availability south africa baclofen 10 mg. en espanol all about buy lioresal online is  of leather along with the glitter of diamonds. Designed by the famous designer Mathieu Cattelan of Noreve the case is studded with 272 diamonds of total 6.8 karats set on the high quality leather. The backside of the case is embossed with Noreve St. Tropez logo and it features a sophisticated interior lining to defend the device optimally.

2. Louis Vuitton iPhone case

Luxury leather iPhone

Price: $1120

For the brand conscious people, Louis Vuitton has launched an elegant iPhone case that will enhance the look of the iPhone. But, this case is actually twice the price of the iPhone itself as it costs whopping $1120. The cases come in set of four as Monogram Canvas, Taiga Leather, Epi Leather and Alligator Skin and are available at Louis Vuitton's Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan.

3. De Bethune iPhone Leather Case

Luxury leather iPhone

Price: NA

Reputed watch maker De Bethune has come up with a very classy case for iPhone. With pocket watches being the passé, De buy dapoxetine 30 mg pills no prescription with e check. men's health. sleeping aid, anti-depressant, free online medical consultations. Bethune has clubbed a pocket watch to the back of a very trendy all grain alligator leather case for the much admired iPhone. This elegant case comes in a rich chestnut-brown color. Although, the price is still not available but surely would cost you more than your iPhone.

4. Hermes Paris iPhone 4 Case

Luxury leather iPhone

Price: $699

After the success of iPhone case and iPhone3 cases the well-known fashion brand Hermes Paris has come up with the elegant case for iPhone 4. The case is handcrafted from calfskin, the most famous Hermes Barenia leather and is available only in Hermes patent color orange.

5. Martin Margiela iPhone cover

Price: $400

Luxury leather iPhone

Fashion houses are trying their level best bedecking the gadgets with their labels. One such designer is Martin Margiela who has earlier made a mark in fashion industry with his Glass Slippers over which many beautiful ladies went gaga. Now the designer has come up with elegant leather iPhone cases as a part of the brand’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection. The cover is skillfully crafted in Italy and features excellent interior for better shield. The case is black in color and is designed basically for iPhone. The case assures perfect guard to your beloved gadget as the inner line is sheltered with the wool so that it won’t allow your phone to drop out even if falls down.

6. Valentino iPhone case

Luxury leather iPhone

Price: $245

Valentino's iPhone case is a perfect accessory to flaunt with your expensive phone. The case is made of studded black leather and is adorned with silver pyramid studs, gold buy cialis online - a ukmedix "must read" guide. what makes cialis an effective ... designer stamp and topstitches detail. With the dimension of height 5" / 12cm and Width 3" / 8cm, it firmly holds the gadget.

7. Gucci iPhone case

Luxury leather iPhone

Price: $180

When we are talking about the hi-end luxury brands making mark in vertical iPhone cases, leaving Gucci would be a sin. This elegant case is crafted from black rubber guccissima leather with green/red/green signature web. The case also has a black rubberized leather trim tab snap closure to hold the iPhone firmly.

8. Prada iPhone case

Luxury leather iPhone

Price: $140

With many other brands, Prada has also stuck with the iPhone craze and has come out with a pretty classy case for the trendy iPhone. The case is made in Italy of saffiano calfskin leather, and comes with an imprinted Prada logo and a removable charm.

9. Calypso Titanium and leather iPhone case: Review


Price: $134

Slovenia-based Calypso Crystal has rolled out a line of elegant, hand-crafted opulent iPhone cases. The case is made of Premium Italian leather and is handcrafted by custom-designed frame made of titanium, which comprises two laser-cut holes that make the iPhone audible. The case features an outline of sterling silver on the outside of the case that is hammered order Cytotec online into place in the old-world tradition. The dimension of the case is perfectly crafted so that the case won’t fall of even after a strong thud (we haven't tried that one though). The case comes in a beautiful gift box that comprises of a case and is accompanied with signed certificate of authenticity and material composition. The only setback is the lack of scratch-resistant finish to the silver-polished frame that lines-up the case. The cases are available in four different models as mentioned below:

1. Zurich Night

Luxury leather iPhone

As the name suggests, this model of the case is available in black color that denotes night. dapoxetine liquid dapoxetine viagra generic dapoxetine The case is intricately crafted with a silver outline Calypso Ring that clinches the case tightly so that it doesn’t fall out. With the black leather and red inner lining, the case looks absolutely stunning. The case is made with high precision and hard work of the experienced craftsmen.

2. Cannes after Cannes

Luxury leather iPhone

This case is elegantly crafted in white leather that is particularly made for special occasions. The case is bordered with silver lining and black interior to compliment the exterior. The case is suitable for fashionistas who would like to flaunt their expensive gadget.

3. Marrakesh Spring

Luxury leather iPhone

This case is made for the people who have strong and bright color choices as the case is crafted in orange leather with buy cheap dapoxetine uk . online canadian pharmacy store. dapoxetine is used as a treatment for premature ejaculation. buy dapoxetine uk online. black interior. And, trust us, vibrant color sure won't go unnoticed. Along with the soft texture of the leather, the case is adorned with strong silver Calypso Ring this Calypso Case that will not go unnoticed.

4. Glowing Iceland

Luxury leather iPhone

Glowing Iceland has a very rare Retin-A online color that can be found in iPhone cases, a deep purple. It has been beautifully crafted with premium leather and styled with silver Calypso Ring that adds glory to the already glorified case.

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