Luxury lifestyle brand Lotus Originals launches next month

Andrea Divirgilio / January 25, 2011

lotus originals

In February 2011, Lotus is going to launch a new luxury lifestyle brand, Lotus Originals, which will offer a range of performance outerwear, luxury knitwear and leather goods that reflect the craftsmanship, heritage and spirit of Lotus. Since the Paris Auto Show, Lotus has been showing off a range of rugged items, like leather jackets, polo shirts, sweaters and leather goods. But, no statement was made until now about the complete line. Lotus Originals will be exclusively available from the Lotus website from February, and the launch will London’s Fashion Week. Wiebke Bauer, Director of Licensing and Merchandising for Lotus, says…

Our goal with the Lotus Originals concept was to create a range of apparel and accessories that really capture the true spirit of our iconic British brand. Lotus Originals isn’t just for traditional car enthusiasts, on some of the pieces the branding is very subtle allowing the style and quality to shine so we hope that it will appeal to a much broader audience. We have developed a collection that is luxurious in a classic, understated way so it is easy to wear every day yet still make you feel part of our very special brand.

The inspiration for the new collection comes from the motor racing and sports car heritage. Each piece has been detailed attentively to speak of the brand’s unique DNA and automotive history. The Lotus Originals collection will also include handcrafted luggage, leather driving gloves, gaming sets in lacquered carbon fiber, leather wallets, belts and luxury desk accessories.

They also have plans to unveil a flagship retail store set to open in London by the end of the year.

Via: AutoGuide/Business Review USA

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