Luxury mansion in Possum Creek, Australia originally built by actor Paul Hogan is up for grabs

Andrea Divirgilio / September 7, 2011

Luxury mansion on sale

List Price: $8.7 million


· This Italian style mansion was originally built by the famous actor Paul Hogan who was also held by Australian government for forgery in tax.

· This property is currently owned by Duncan Mount, who also owns, Sydney Bloomberg Mansion, which was featured in Mission Impossible II.

· It is 15 km from Byron bay and 20 minutes to Ballina Airport. Also, it has 1 km of private driveway.

· It’s an originally restored farmhouse.

The Property: Surrounded by magnificent hills of Possum Creek in the Byron Bay Hinterland, the property was originally built by the famous actor Paul Hogan who was also in the news for tax scandal a few years ago. The lavish property now belongs to 64 year old Duncan Mount, former investment manager who wants to live in Sidney now with his family. The house is built in an Italian style under the supervision of diligent Italian artisans who lived on site for about one year to build this beautiful mansion.

Physical Address: 66 Pine Mountain Road Possum Creek, Australia

The setting: The property is spread on an area of 114 acres amid lush green gardens and is located beside rain forest. The house is located on the borders of Possum Creek and sits exactly on the bank of Wilson River. It has private driveway that stretches till 1.3 km and is just 15 km from Byron Bay.

Interiors & Exteriors: The home features five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The guest division has two large suites that open to the grand swimming pool. The property has an enormous lounge with an open fireplace beside the river along with an English courtyard. The exterior has a cabinet timber and pine plantation with lush green gardens. Apart from huge bedrooms, the house has a 16-seater dining room, all decked up in Italian style. The living room is made of warm wood aspects and the kitchen that is equipped with number of cabins is directly connected to the butler room. Besides a formal dining room, an informal dining room is also there in the mansion that opens towards the pool. The house has a gigantic balcony that shows a splendid view of the river.

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Via: WSJ/Unique Estates

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