Luxury Pets: Britain’s most pampered pet has enjoyed luxuries worth £100,000
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Luxury Pets: Britain’s most pampered pet has enjoyed luxuries worth £100,000

Luxury Pets: Britain’s most pampered pet has enjoyed luxuries worth £100,000

"It's a dog's life" has got a new meaning with the uber rich ready to shell out millions for their puppy love. We have earlier told you about the splurges the celebrities and other rich poochie owners make to make their pets feel comfortable and well cared for. While Premarin Fast shipping Paris Hilton got her pets a luxurious pet mansion, a Thai jeweler splurged $4.2 million on a diamond tiara for his pampered poochie. One such case is of pet lover Louise Harris, who has taken her puppy love to another level. She has spent more than $155,765 (£100,000) on all sorts of extravagant treats for her Yorkshire terrier, Lola. Notably, recently we also told you about Gold Pet Mattresses (luxury pet sleeping) and designer Stone Pet Bowl.

Luxury Pets: Pet owner spent £100,000 on her dog

Louise Harris seems to be inspired by the royal wedding, as she was one of those who saw Kate Middleton live on street at her wedding day. As she saw the stunning platinum and diamond encrusted tiara on Kate’s Purchase Retin-A head she decided to have one for her rich pooch.

Louise said, “When I saw Kate Middleton I thought it was so nice that I needed one for Lola, It cost me £500 to get a replica made in a size that would fit her, but it was 100% worth it. She looks beautiful in it. I’m a nurturing and caring person and when I the problem is maintaining the weight loss as it is very difficult to stick to these eating plans buy baclofen online uk no prescription cheap . they are simply too got Lola, it was about giving her the best I could in life.”

Louise has this dog from past seven years and till date she has spent a prozac 5 mg reviews 20 mg price buy fluoxetine online canada cost without prozac uk side effects 40 mg tablets buy prozac fluoxetine online what is the  fortune i.e. nearly £100,000 on her pet. Lola the pet has following extravagant things:

Luxury Pets: Pet owner spent £100,000 on her dog

a. £5,000 hand made designer bed

b. Her own jewellery collection

c. prednisone edmonton canada no prescription prednisone online pharmacy no script prednisone online cheap prednisone order free viagra sample pills More than 100 handmade dresses that costs up to £400 each

d. The pet also has many couture outfit for party time is generic zoloft gluten free price of zoloft without insurance order zoloft that costs £1000 each

Lola is probably the most luxurious clomid back pain buy clomid diva dog in Britain and qualifies to have best of everything. Louise, has three other Yorkshire Terriers – Lulu, four, Lolly, three, and Larry, two.

Britains most expensive pet wedding

This is not for the first time Louise has come into limelight because of her pet. Prior to this she spent around $31,128 on the Britain's most expensive order Aciclovir pet wedding. Lola got married to Chinese Crested Mugly. The bride was decorated in a white dress and accessorized with 1,800 Swarovski crystals and a pearl necklace. The vent was planned by Louise on the grounds of a mansion in Bradwell on Sea, Essex.

Via: Mirror

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