Luxury eye fashion trends, celebrity style
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Luxury eye fashion trends, celebrity style

Luxury eye fashion trends, celebrity style

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder! Well, the saying does not stand true anymore with fashionistas exploring the latest in eye accessories to accentuate dull eyes with eye jewelry to kill with the look. From luxury eyeglasses and eyewear to ocular accessories, the celebrities have done it all. The fashion trends to accentuate one of your best facial feature aren't just restricted to glamorous eye makeup, but there are fancy options like gold and diamond eyelashes, Swarovski crystal masquerades, diamond encrusted blindfolds and even most expensive contact lenses for the daring fashionistas. Several celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Madonna and the hip hop superstars have adorned the eye bling. Check out!

Luxuy eye fashion trends populairsed by celebrities

1.Gold and Diamond eyelashes:

Gold and Diamond eyelashes

Origin of the Trend:

The trend of wearing false eyelashes is not new to the fashion world, but the blinged eyelashes made out of precious metals like gold diamond and pearl sure is new. Few years ago in 2006, designer Gina Brooke has custom designed diamond eye lashes for Madonna. These custom mink false eyelashes were adorned with 0.75 Buy Viagra online carats of hand faceted diamonds featuring a unique new diamond cut, the “Star Shimmer Cut”.

So, if you have an eye for bling (quite literally) there are a whole lot of fancy options available, including $10,000 diamond eyelashes, mother of pearl’ false eyelashes available at Selfridges. Kre-At Beauty too offers designer false eyelashes to fashionistas who want to enhance their sultry eyes with dramatic touchup. And these diamond eyelashes are available only on orders at the Barneys New York Store and would cost around $1,350.

doxycycline hyclate acne effectiveness doxycycline dose to prevent malaria generic doxycycline 2. Swarovski Masquerade Masks

Swarovski Masquerade Masks

Origin of the Trend:

Masquerade Masks originally were a trait of the Carnival season in the 15th century, in Royal Entries, pageants, triumphal parade celebrating marriages and other dynastic events of late medieval court life. These masks were widely used in a masquerade ball. Later on, the mask trend turned into a huge craze. Fashionistas were spotted wearing matching masks with the dresses/gown in high profile parties, prom nights or any other informal party, and the trend continues till date.

Earlier we have seen eye masks made out of lace, leather, net and other materials, but these sexy masquerades too have got a designer makeover. Mimi Plange, a fashion designer from San Francisco has created a stone and Swarovski crystal encrusted mask inspired by buy Paxil African tribal scarification, a frequent theme in her work. These masks are made completely with hands and without any predetermined pattern. Her different designs including Night, Krystal, Malayne and Kalia are quite distinctive in their styles and none of them are similar. The base of the mask is made of plastic and covered with cotton Lycra jersey for a smooth fit. Celebrities with the masquerade masks are often sported by famous personalities. Socialite Paris Hilton was also spotted wearing a masquerade mask for a party along with her parents.

3. Diamond-Encrusted Blindfolds

Diamond-Encrusted Blindfolds

Origin of the trend:

A blindfold have varied applications. Depending upon the usage, it can be used as sleep mask while traveling or just for fun. In historic times even before sunglasses, they were worn as the primary facial cover for those who could not see. Now, a blindfold is often used in a party to surprise the wearer or as a part of a game.

What was used as a sep 18, 2014 - creating campaign images that buy generic fluoxetine online no prescription positively brand new feature films, using the best, most inspired  piece of cloth is now a fashionable accessory. Designers nowadays are creating various kinds of luxury blindfolds. These seductive blindfolds are the primary subjects on the ramp as well as many celebrated models have even catwalked the ramp blindfolded in various fashion shows. The creators use crystals, beads even diamonds to craft some beautiful blindfolds.

4. Multicolored Diamond Eye Patch

Multicolored Diamond Eye Patch

Origin of the Trend:

Who knew, a cloth patch worn in an elastic band as an adhesive bandage would become a fad. Yes, an eye patch that is often worn by people to cover a lost or injured eye too is hot in the list of buy amoxil online, can you give your cat amoxicillin , can i take allegra d and antibiotics. ocular accessories. Notably, eye patches are often related as a part of costume of sailors.

Few years back, eye patch became a major trend when Johnny Depp hid his one eye with a black patch while acting as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean. As the eye patch became a trend, it got a bling makeover as several designers created eye patches adorned with crystals, gold and even diamonds. Legendary rapper Slick Rick has worn an eye patch since childhood after being blinded in buy baclofen online from uk ; retino ac gel uses. ample with mental hospital h1b in interview time those from less laparoscopic much competition and biostat,  the right eye by a broken glass. He is known to wear a multicolored diamond eye patch that has an estimated value of $20,000-$25,000. This eye patch was designed by his wife Mandy for the artist’s 40th birthday in 2005.

5. Most expensive contact lenses (gold & diamonds):

Most expensive contact lenses (gold & diamonds)

Origin of the Trend:

The idea of contact lenses was first discovered in 1508 by Leonardo Da Vinci. The first contact lenses were best prices for all customers! buy zoloft 50 mg. express delivery, generic name for zoloft . made of glass, which caused eye irritation, and were not wearable for extended periods of time. Then came the trend of polymethyl methacrylate, which was much easier to wear and looked absolutely real.

Nowadays, contact lenses are worn not only for correcting vision, but also as the eye accessories to change the whole look. However, wearing colorful contact lenses is passé, the latest is the wide-eyed look which imitates the animated manga-kinda-look. Recently, Shekhar Eye Research, India has created limited edition contact lenses embedded with diamonds and gold for glittering eyes. Encrusted with 18 diamonds on a gold plate, the lenses can be customized as per the requirement. The gold plate used in the lenses will be set 6-9 mm away from the cornea, and also hold water to give the eyes a soothing effect. These will Order Disulfiram weigh only 5g in total and cost around $15,000. Few years ago, an Indian designer also encrusted tiny Swarovski crystals in a circle around the edges of the lenses.

Have you ever spotted someone wearing "bling" eye look? If yes, share with us your thoughts on this new dreamy eye look.

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