The Lyonheart K is the next generation Jaguar E-Type with ‘Made In England’ heritage
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The Lyonheart K is the next generation Jaguar E-Type with ‘Made In England’ heritage

The Lyonheart K is the next generation Jaguar E-Type with ‘Made In England’ heritage

British startup company Lyonheart Cars, has just stepped into the arena of creating bespoken convertible coupes and convertibles that will have every auto enthusiast jumping in their seats. Recreating a lot of the similar designing ethics of the Jaguar E-type, these custom made vehicles borrow a lot from under the hood of the Jaguar model, but not without their unique touches and styling changes. A perfectly apt gift for a custom car collector, one has to wait for getting the cars delivered to them as Lyonheart is looking to make around 250 of these annually, at a $466,000 price tag for the coupe and $485,000 for the convertible model. The British car manufacturer's re imagination of the classic Jaguar brings back the memories of the most expensive Jaguar E-type from 1963 that was restored with 7,000 hours of labor to return to its former glory.

The Lyonheart K coupe and convertible

Most of these luxury sports cars are tested as per what they have stored under the hood. Hopefully, Lyonheart K has listened to the prayers of the speed thrill seekers, by adding the Cosworth 5,000 cc supercharged V-8 engine, which is of course borrowed from the Jaguar brand. The engine gives the Lyonheart a sizeable 567HP of power output and 510-lb of torque. To race from 0-100 kmph, it would take just a shade 3.8 seconds only, along with the ability to reach 300 km/ph of top speed. Transmission is a 6-speed automatic mechanism from the 6HP28 system.

The Lyonheart K convertible

There will be special fixtures for those who wish to customize their car further, but the standard ones are equally awe inspiring. One will see a lot of aluminum construction, meaning that the overall body weight will be kept under check. The panels and closures, the Clamshell bonnet, and the bootlid with the hidden antennae system are best places to see the work with aluminum. From the large paint option range, one could pick a suitable color, which will be finally be polished by hand. Other useful features include the Bi-Xenon headlamps with light-sensing auto operation with daytime signature and washers, along with park distance controls for tighter spots in city traffic.

The Lyonheart K coupe

Just in case one takes the Lyonheart K for a long drive, there is the option of operation the 16-way electrical adjustment seat with lumbar support, and temperature control features. The weather management system inside has a dual control system for the passenger and the driver, which also takes care of the humidity control and window demisting. Rain sensing wipers with auto dimming rear view mirror could also add to comfort of the driver. For a musical experience, one could test the Bowers & Wilkins™ 525W system with Dolby® Pro-Logic II Surround Sound for extraordinary sound quality throughout the cabin. Exceptionally clear reproduction, enhanced by Kevlar® cones in the larger speakers and aluminium domes on the tweeters.

The Lyonheart K standard interior

Since the buyers of the car won’t compromise on the luxury factor, the interiors have been well endowed with color matched woolen carpets which one can see and feel on the seating, fascia, console and door panels. For the leather linings, one can choose from a large gamut of dual tone leather options, with matching fabrication for the seatbelts.

Jay Leno's Jaguar E-type V-12

The driver’s console looks pretty with emerald green illumination for the fuel gauge, coolant temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge and battery charge gauge, with central analogue clock, apart from the standard counters which one can see in high end vehicles. In short, the story could further be enhanced as the impressive parts of the Lyonheart K are many more.

Jay Leno is one known fan of the Jaguar E-Type. We wonder if he would like to own one of these Jaguar reincarnations too! But we will leave you enjoying the gallery, and a flashback of Jay Leno's V12 Jaguar E-Type XK-E.

Via: Motoramic/ LyonHeart

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