M-P Series: Indulge in extravagant Digital gaming

Andrea Divirgilio / March 15, 2008

m p series

The gaming industry is taking off across the planet like never before and almost everybody, who is a somebody, is hooked to it. Every one wants to master some game or another and everyone wants to be the best in a certain aspect of it. No wonder that we are already having international virtual gaming series and these are as competitive, if not more, than the real sports. Now you can take the gaming syndrome to a new high and get an absolute kick out of it by getting yourself one these gaming tables that is sure to bring out some competitive juices and plenty of venom. IGT, a global leader in the gaming industry, approached DD Studio to help create their pioneering M-P Series of multi-player table-based games. The result of this collaboration merges cutting-edge technology and clever design for heightened entertainment and excitement. In this communal play environment, players compete for the jackpot while they are cheered on by the crowd.

Up to 12 individual stations are linked together and surround a central game such as baccarat or roulette. So basically you can get down with your posse and can start testing out who the real master when it comes to the virtual world. The entire gaming table has a sleek ergonomic design that maximizes floor space, sightlines and the player’s visual experience. Flexible, modular configurations adapt to fit any casino floor, for maximum versatility.

The gaming table is perfect for games that are built on team sports or even on a war strategy. It involves all the players and the combat zone is close and intimidating. Get yourself one of these, pick your forces, draw the battle lines and engage in some amazing gaming action.

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